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Do you watch television? Have you seen what’s on the television?

Our family decided we didn’t want to play ball with the local cable company a couple years ago. I personally think that the service they offer is worth about half what we are paying for it.

The problem is they have local consumers over a barrel, most homes, including ours, are situated such as to make satellite service impractical. It’s cable or nothing, even cell service can be sporadic here in the mountains. We had the extended basic plan, no premium channels, with two DVR’s, in order to escape the commercials — our bill kept creeping closer and closer to the $100 mark, when it reached $96.00, we packed it up.

It was actually pretty painless. We used our cable dollars to order Netflix, many television programs are available online totally free. The online news services are found a little wanting, in my opinion, but it’s a relatively new technology, I’m certain it will continue to improve.

I may be the world’s biggest prude but I have a problem with commercials that air during the middle of the afternoon, that make me feel so uncomfortable that I am forced to change the channel, on the program I happen to be watching, and send my son scampering out of the room.

Since my viewing is pretty limited; I stick mainly with news programming, the weather channel and Law and Order; I don’t have to worry too much about offensive programming. Yes, Law and Order can be a little gruesome but that’s easily avoided by not watching the opening scenes.

I find the commercials to be a horrible unwelcome assault on my senses and I don’t plan to just suck it up and deal with it. I’m shopping for a DVR this week. I don’t know how anyone manages to live without a DVR. I simply don’t understand why people put up with these offensive advertising tactics. Can’t we please just squeeze the Charmin?

Natural Burial

Is an eco-friendly burial for you?

Natural Burial

Have you caught Forecast Earth by The Weather Channel? It’s an interesting relatively new show that – even as a non-environmentalist, I find informative and helpful. When the show first aired, I was expecting to hear more hype than substance but what I found was well researched, common sense segments that made me think. Not only was the show about how to preserve the earth – as God intended (not that they ever once mentioned God); the show could actually help me save money. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to save money.

I saved the Forecast Earth episode entitled Amish Go Solar? to our DVR, which by the way in my opinion, no home should be without – no home with a television that is. The story I was most interested in was about an environmentally friendly cemetery. The informative piece about the Ramsey Creek Preserve was very helpful to me on a personal level.

My mother wants to be cremated, a practice I detest because of references in the bible and the representation of fire and it’s uses. My father’s entire family is buried at Sharon Hollow Cemetery, near Manchester, MI. A simple, yet quiet, dignified place, where I always felt welcome to come and lumber about, while talking to my brother, daddy and the others.

I recall how expensive daddy’s funeral was and the thought of putting my family through a huge expense like that is hard to fathom. Who can afford life insurance these days?

Ramsey Creek Preserve was everything good a funeral and death should be. It actually made me feel good about leaving this earth to meet my maker. Instead of embalming fluid, vaults and metal caskets, bodies are laid to rest in a natural state, in a nature park, surrounded by birds, trees, flowing water, and even music on occasion. What a beautiful place for a body to spend eternity.

In doing my research on natural burials, I located the Fernwood Cemetery in Marin County. The Fernwood property is 32 acres with part of it set aside for natural burial. They have sold one hundred plots in the natural burial area and have already had fifty natural burials. Natural burial appeals to many different people and faiths. Cassity and Campbell both report having worked with religious people to whom natural burial appeals because they say it is more closely tied to how burials were done historically.

This is an idea that just makes good sense. It’s a win-win situation all the way around. A natural burial makes good financial sense; it renews the land, provides more natural spaces and won’t fill up anytime soon. I would love to read comments on this subject for those who have buried someone using this method or are considering it.

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TV Marketing

Can you believe what passes for entertainment? Two-years ago we cancelled our cable television service because to be perfectly frank the programming was terrible. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In December we turned our cable service back on and our family really enjoyed the change of pace. However, after almost three-months of viewing, I’m bored stiff and more than anything I’m frustrated. I can’t help but think that if more people had the courage to just cancel their cable or dish service the programming would eventually improve.

We have a couple hundred channels but there is nothing decent on to watch. Personally, I thought paying extra for the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the Learning Channel and other educational type programming would be a good investment and I could have been right but I’ll never know.

The problem is that while the above-mentioned channels have some interesting educational programs, my son will only benefit from them if I take the time to record them and edit out the commercials. The commercials on the programming line-up for these channels are some of the worst I’ve found on the boob tube.

One morning at 6 am I was watching an interesting science program that I was sure my son would love. I suspect at 6 am many children are up getting ready for school, watching the television while they eat their morning meal. I wonder how many parents realize that their children are targeted for “male enhancement” drugs, complete with scantily clad women on the prowl.

I’m certain many 8-year-old boys are on the market to improve their love life. Give me a break!

Either these companies are charging way too much for their products, affording them the ability to air these lengthy, not to mention offensive ads, or they aren’t being charged enough for the ads.

I got a kick out of one ad that aired a few minutes ago. The woman had been eating cauliflower and was experiencing bloating, so she was going to purchase Beano, so that she could avoid the bloating. This simply doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m guessing the woman’s blood type is “O,” cauliflower is on the avoid list (if she’s following the Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet). Meaning she shouldn’t be eating cauliflower to being with. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just stop eating it?

I’m just glad that spring is almost here. I’ve discovered that our family really isn’t missing much as far as the television goes, so it won’t be long until we cancel our cable subscription. I certainly won’t miss the commercials.