Playing the Blame Game

My face is very swollen right now; I have an abscessed tooth that is really infected. I am trying hard not to blame anyone but myself, but I really have to wonder who is really to blame.

I have read a great deal in recent years about mercury poisoning from mercury laden dental fillings – and I had plenty. Mom took me to the dentist when I was 12, I had 18 silver amalgam fillings put in – all within a week or two.

I still cannot figure out how I managed to have so many fillings, I was given monthly (or was it weekly) fluoride treatments at the school. These treatments were said to strengthen the enamel on my teeth, to help prevent cavities.

Now, years later, I find out that fluoride is a by-product of another chemical process and we were treated as guinea pigs in a huge government led fraud. Where are all of the studies conducted on those of us who were treated with overdoses of fluoride?

We have learned to avoid flouride treated toothpaste, water with added flouride, as well as juices and other tainted foods.

A study was released just last year showing a relationship between the consumption of sodium benzoate, which is used as a preservative in soft drinks, toothpaste, and many other packaged products.

As parents we have a responsibility to safeguard our children’s health. No one else is going to look out for them. Doctors are too busy treating illnesses – much of it caused by chemical overload – to even give a second thought to preventative measures. Our bodies depend on what we feed it, it is essential that we consume good things and avoid chemicals whenever possible.

If you have health issues, write your congressional representative, and request an investigation into these serious health matters. Studies should be sanctioned to find out what the long-term effects these chemicals will have on us.

In the meantime, I sit here with a swollen face, waiting for the infection to pass so that I can  have this tooth removed. I guess I can blame Obama for my pain — he’s as guilty as anyone.