No Fireworks

If you live in Tuolumne County, you know that means no fireworks. No fireworks because of the dry conditions, all the trees, and of course the  Stanislaus National Forest. I for one am kind of glad of the no fireworks law. We still end up with people shooting off fireworks and it scares me to death.

I love living in the mountains, I’ve been here about ten years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s like being on vacation every single day of the year. I can sit out on my back porch and watch the birds, and the squirrels if I’m in a good mood. The deer meander through our yard, driving my dogs crazy. But they are so beautiful, especially the bucks.

Fireworks illegal in most places, discouraged in others

Law enforcement and fire prevention officers across the Mother Lode are reminding the public about the varying rules and regulations governing the use of fireworks.

While legal in some parts of Calaveras County, fireworks are outlawed throughout Tuolumne County and the Stanislaus National Forest.

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Wilson said it’s not only illegal to set off the fireworks, but the mere possession of any type of firework is outlawed as well.

The article goes on to say.

Residents can go to any Cal Fire station to dispose of unused fireworks or make sure ones they have purchased are legal, according to Williams.

Just be wary, when doing so. Police have been known to take down license plate numbers and find other reasons to go after citizens. In this day and age we have to protect our rights as citizens, the police in all their zeal to go after “drug dealers,” (read, pot smokers). They will stop at nothing.


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Stupid Politicians

Are you as sick and tired of stupid politicians and I am? I have had it with the idiots who are attempting to micromanage us into a drunken stupor. Let’s face it, there is no way we could have ended up with the amount of national debt we have hanging over our heads today accidentally.

At least the war on the Middle Class is going ...

At least the war on theMiddle Class is going well

I attended the  public school system in the 70’s, they were talking about a funding crisis for Social Security back then. The economists knew it was coming. So, what do the politicians do? They raised taxes on cigarettes, because we are killing ourselves with them, damaging our health, and thus causing us to die prematurely. You would think if more of us died prematurely, it would be beneficial for the society as a whole, because there would be fewer people alive to collect Social Security.

Now, I know that might sound terrible but I’ve always said I would die while I was still young enough to be a good-looking corpse. My daddy used to say that a lot. I believe there are worse things than death — that is not one of my major concerns.

Another negative side effect of the huge increases in taxes that have been added to the cost of smoking cigarettes is the huge number of people who have quit smoking because they simply can’t afford it any more, which by-the-way is what the politicians were hoping to do. Fewer people are now smoking, so the government is getting less tax revenue, putting them even further away from their goal of providing Social Security for those who have paid into it their entire lives.

Now they come along and shove mandatory healthcare down our throats. I don’t want anything to do with this overpriced crooked medical system they are offering. Our constitution guarantees us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, no where in our constitution am I guaranteed a right to overpriced medical care. They can call it “healthcare” if they want but even private insurance companies refuse to cover treatments that are known for their health benefits – our medical system only covers sick care and most of the time they don’t even do that well.

There is a reason they call it “Practicing Medicine,” as most of these clowns don’t have a clue what they are doing.

It’s time we audit the government — every branch — every corner — and cut the fat, cut programs and assistance to the bone. We must do it and we must do it now, we have already passed the tipping point.  


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ALA Should Support Raw Milk

I received a very disturbing e-mail today that really bothers me. The American Lung Association is at it again; they are demanding that congress increase the tax on cigarettes by 61-cents per pack. They are blaming “big-tobacco,” because they aren’t getting it.

The American Lung Association claims they need the money to help treat children with asthma. I have to ask why do they expect smokers to cough up more money to pay for everyone’s heath care? Maybe they haven’t heard that raw milk can cure asthma and perhaps they should be fighting for our right to drink raw milk, instead of chasing more money from poor folk – you know the ones who smoke, because of stress, yet can’t afford to purchase medical insurance for their children.

Having been a previous resident of Michigan, where the economy has been in the toilet for the past ten-years or so. I can tell you that people who are in financial difficulty do not quit smoking, even though it would help their family financially if they did. When stress levels reach the roof, smoking is a release that they can’t do without. Increasing the cost of cigarettes thinking it will help others to stop smoking (all while raking in the cash for the children – ha) is what’s ridiculous.

Let’s stop looking toward smokers to solve our problems and stop the attack on farm fresh – safe raw milk. Our children deserve the best start in life we can give them. Natural, organic, milk boosts the immune system – drugs only weaken the immune system. The choice is simple. If you want to fight asthma drink real milk (raw milk).

Read the E-mail:

Dear Annette,

Big Tobacco thinks it has won. Once again, Congress failed to attain a veto-proof majority for the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Now, the bill faces an expected veto, condemning millions of low-income children-many suffering from asthma and lung disease-to continue to live without health insurance, without access to specialists, without the medications they desperately need.

American Lung Association misuse of sick children

And the tobacco companies couldn’t be happier.

Why does Big Tobacco oppose SCHIP? Because they don’t want a 61 cents-per-pack tax increase. Because Big Tobacco doesn’t want to discourage smoking. And it’s our children who will pay the price. Ridiculous.

It is us versus Big Tobacco – and it is about time that we win. But we need your support to continue the fight.

Increasing the federal cigarette tax is a win-win for children’s health; in addition to providing much-needed medical care for our nation’s low-income, uninsured youth – including those living with lung diseases such as asthma – this substantial increase of $.61 will have the added benefit of reducing youth smoking.

This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans – this is about the health of our children. It’s about access to critical medical care, about reducing youth smoking, about breathing easier. Eight in ten Americans-majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents-support the expansion. Yet, Washington is at a crossroads, unable to force the change our children need.

The American Lung Association will continue to fight for this change.

Enough is enough. We demand that our children have the health care they desperately need and we ask that you join us in this important fight.

Thank you for your help,
Bernadette Toomey
President and CEO, American Lung Association

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