Los Banos Dress Code

I am pleased to report that after making several attempts, I was finally able to reach a member of the Los Banos High School who was willing to discuss the recent protest held in the Dean of Admissions Office.

The actual details aren’t quite as disturbing as the original informant led me to believe. While there were about 50 students involved in the gathering, which took place just after a “brunch” break lasting 12 minutes. About half of the students continued on to classes.

The remaining students stayed for an impromptu meeting with the Los Banos principal and the dean, where the students were able to address their concerns regarding the current dress code.

Apparently, the students were unhappy about the portion of the school dress code, which prohibits the wearing of articles of clothing promoting satanism. The faculty member I spoke with was not aware of any talk of holding Satanic worship services.

The school has agreed to revise the dress code. However, the portions of the dress code, which address suicide, hate crimes, violence and the wearing of gang colors will still be strictly enforced.

The students seemed satisfied and left the meeting after about an hour, without further incident.

Los Banos Student Revolt

I’ve been informed that a student protest took place in the Los Banos High School, dean’s office on September 6, 2006. After placing several calls to the school, I have been unable to verify the details. I am awaiting a return call.

The details are sketchy at this time. Apparently, the incident has not been covered by major news networks as I have been unable to turn up additional information online.

Rumor has it that 50 students stormed the administration office at Los Banos High school demanding the right to hold satanic worship on campus.

I guess students in Los Banos aren’t as concerned about academics as they are the right to hold worship services on campus. Maybe teachers aren’t handing out enough homework these days?

I’ll post more as details become available. If anyone has additional information, please share it here!