Please Unsubscribe Me

My pet peeve for the day are  people who manage to sign up on a list but can’t figure out   how to get off.

I could see having trouble managing subscriptions if it weren’t for the fact that Yahoo Groups provides instructions at the bottom of every single email on how to unsubscribe. Yet, almost daily someone on one  of my lists will write, “I would like to cancel my subscription, thanks!”

Why is it that people can manage to sign themselves up on a list but can’t manage to figure out how to get themselves off? It simply boggles my mind. Are people just lazy or incredibly stupid — maybe it’s both.

I’ll be the first to admit that technology isn’t always so simple to use and too often it is faster, easier and cheaper to do  things the  old fashioned way — with pen and paper. If you ask me — any person who can’t figure out how to get off a list that  they signed up for, then perhaps it’s best to leave the computing to others.

I guess the reason it bothers me so much is that training is cheap and easy. There are free tutorials online for just about every topic under the sun — probably even open heart surgery — though I probably wouldn’t recommend it. Anyone, can use a search engine like to find the answers to the meaning of life. You would be surprised what interesting things you can learn — for free — by searching on for topics like,  “how to build a bird house.”

My son was having trouble in math. I searched on for “math multiplication tips” and similar searches – it brought up some very nice tutorials.

If you learn better one on one many libraries offer free computer lessons, check with your librarian for local computer clubs, members are generally very helpful. Most computer technicians offer training at reasonable prices. I know we have quite a few elderly clients, we encourage them to write their questions down and any issues they are having, so that their problems can be solved, whether it be with training or some other “fix”.

My point – help is available — use it. You are never too old to learn new tricks – so go unsubscribe yourself.   🙂