What’s Right With Schools?

We all talk about what is wrong with the public schools but who has time for that?    In reality, it would be a very short discussion if we were to talk about,  “What is right with the public school system?”

Just  today  California Governor  Brown signed SB 48 into law, just one more step into true socialization. Our core values as a nation are under siege and losing ground fast.

Breaking News: Governor Brown Signs SB 48

Moments ago, Brown signed SB 48 and said, “History should be honest,” the Democratic governor said in a written statement. “This bill revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education and ensures that the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are included in our history books. It represents an important step forward for our state, and I thank Senator Leno for his hard work on this historic legislation.”

SB 48 is an attempt to indoctrinate children as young as five to not only accept but also endorse homosexuality through our social sciences curriculum specially history, history books and instructional materials.  [Read more…]

As if  California has money to blow! We are in debt up to  our eyebrows and then some, and our California state legislators want to rewrite our textbooks with more inappropriate material — instructional materials that amount to little more than verbal assault.

When Michigan began mandatory sex education classes for 7th and 8th graders back in the 60’s, the classes were taught co-ed with an even mix of girls and boys. The teacher was a young man, who thought he was God’s gift — he was having a long-term affair with one 15 year-old student and was habitually vulgar  in the classroom. The teacher should have been prosecuted for his lurid behavior – not to mention the bad jokes.

These classes aren’t intended to teach the students any valuable information, though they do manage to pass along a few facts along the way. The real goal of these type of classes are to embarrass students, apply peer pressure and lower the child’s inhibitions.

July 12, 2011, Penny Starr wrote an article, “Time to Stop Talking About the Importance of Teacher Quality,’ Union Chief Says.”

“It’s time to stop talking about the importance of teacher quality. It’s time to start building a high-quality education system by cultivating high-quality educators-from excellent teacher colleges, with ample clinical experience, focused induction, and ongoing professional support throughout a teacher’s career, in an environment that fosters respect.”

The state is continually revising  school textbooks, spending money needlessly, and then have the nerve to cry poverty and come begging the taxpayers for a funding increase.

Our schools should be a reflection of the communities values, not dictated by the state from on high. If those who live in San Francisco or Hollywood want to teach this garbage to their children, they have every right to. The problem is that most of the rest of the state values our children’s innocence. We believe in teaching our children about intimacy, sex and love, when they are mature enough. Introducing this stuff too early isn’t  far from sexually molesting them.

I’m really having a tough time believing that any parent would allow this to happen.

Our governor needs to govern wisely and during a time of economic upheaval is not the time to sign legislation that will force the state to purchase new textbooks. Seriously, you folks in Sacramento need to tighten your belt, just like the families in California are doing right now. The money tree has dried up. Stop the spending and leave something for our children.

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Political Posturing

I wrote an opinion  piece last night, in response to the Amazon Sales Tax debacle that hit the news late yesterday in California. As I sat here it occurred to me that grandma never got riled up much, unless it was after her bedtime beer, when she would get a little silly.

Grandma knew that things have a way of working themselves out. She would say things like, “It will all come out in the wash.” and one of my personal favorites, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Vegetable garden

Image by Downing Street via Flickr

Look around you at friends and neighbors. The folks who  are doing well right now, have found a need and they are filling it. People are switching careers, starting new businesses and it is because of,  the true pioneering spirit that built this nation.

More people are growing their own fruits and vegetables than ever before. Cooks are sharing recipes on their blogs and Facebook, along with money-saving  tips and financial strategies that work in these uncertain times.

As politicians continue to line their own pockets,  squeezing every dime possible from  the collective taxpayer  wallet, taxpayers invent new ways to cope and fight back. The skills possessed by our ancestors has not been lost. There are still plenty of us old-timers around who know how to cook (from scratch) and how to can food, sew and mend clothing, raise livestock, hunt, farm and many other things.  Many families will even prosper, in spite of facing fear and trepidation due to our failing economy.

I can still hear my dad taunting me with, “No guts, no glory!”

I mentioned in my previous piece that Amazon closed our account and California thinks that driving business out of the state will boost their sales tax revenues. Well, I want California to tighten its belt.  I want illegal immigrants sent home, where they belong instead of draining my social security benefits. (You know the ones I’ve paid my entire life but will never collect.)

My husband had a terrific idea, which I fully support. We’ve moved our amazon account to our kids, who live in Michigan — a state that was hit early and hard when the depression steam rolled this county. We frequently bought items for the grandchildren on Amazon with our affiliate revenue, the only difference is now their parents will receive the money directly and they can pay the taxes on it.

It’s a win, win situation and everyone’s happy — well almost everyone. I can’t image that the Governor of California or the California Franchise Tax Board will be too thrilled with my solution but I really don’t care what they like.

If you ask me… No one did but, in my opinion we should all stay home more, buy more things online. It will help cut our dependence on fossil fuels, it will help people lead happier more productive lives. Let’s face it, traffic is a nightmare these days. Instead of building more freeways and buying more cars, let’s stay home a little more. Many people already work a 4-day week. I think that is terrific. It saves you money, it’s good for the environment and the employer benefits by having a happier employee.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if everyone could condense their work-week or even work from home one or two days a week? There are many things we can to cut back.

Oh, and Amazon, pst. I have a secret, you aren’t the only online game in town. I happen to know of other online stores with terrific deals and free shipping. So, you’ll be seeing a little less of me right away and my business could disappear completely and we send a great deal of business your way.

Until next time…

Happy Fourth of July!

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Has the whole country gone mad?

According to an article, which ran today on ABC News, “A suburban Maryland couple accused of driving 20 miles with their 12-year-old son and his friend holed up in the trunk of their car have been charged with child abuse, but their lawyer says they are guilty of only bad judgment.”

This is just another sign of the times. A nosy busy body calls the cops on a family and the police, just doing their civic duty, dutifully track them down and arrest them. What’s wrong with this picture?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. Plenty!

According to ABC News, police, were called after a witness saw the boys climb into the trunk. Surely, the witness must have also noticed that the boys weren’t struggling or being held against their will. These young people requested the ride.

Back in my day, no one would have given this a second thought. We used to use the trunk of the car to sneak into the drive-in movies (remember those?), we often had five or six people stuffed in there.

We would ride to the lake on a hot summer day in the back of our pick-up truck, hair blowing in the wind, not to mention being a tangled mess when we arrived at our destination. A small price to pay for a nice breeze on sticky Michigan summer day.

Those were the days when parents ruled. They could decide what was safe for their children. They laid down the law and dished up the rewards. Children could relax knowing who was in-charge and not have to worry.

It’s no wonder children are under so much stress today. They know that parents must walk a tight rope, parents don’t dare discipline their children, especially in public. They’ll end up in jail because some nosy busy-body will stick their nose into your family business.

I’ll never forget the time my 15 year-old cousin got a little big for his britches. He told his dad he would do what he wanted and that he didn’t have to listen to him. Wrong answer! One thing lead to another and my cousin took a swing, at my uncle, only to end up picking himself up out of the wall. My uncle had shoved him right into the wall, we had a nice imprint of cousins behind as a reminder of the incident.

Other than a bruised ego and a new found respect for his father, my cousin was no worse for wear. Was my uncle a child abuser? Depends on who you ask.

If you ask anyone in our family, you’ll hear that my cousin deserved exactly what he got and that my uncle is a good father. Ask a nosy neighbor who doesn’t believe in disciplining children, he should probably be in jail.

These parents are no different.

Were the children at risk?

Oh NO! They weren’t wearing seat belts. So!

They were laying down for pete-sake. Their necks were probably much more protected in a prone position than sitting in an ill-fitted car seat anyway.

Don’t even get me started on the seat-belt laws. They are unconstitutional and should be repealed anyway. Seat-belts cause more injuries and deaths than you might think…mostly because it’s not being reported.

It’s a win-win situation to everyone except consumers. Car manufacturers are required by law to install them, jacking-up the price of each and every vehicle sold. Municipalities win because they issue citations ranging from $50.00 to upwards of $300.00 for non-compliance. Providing a great boost to their bottom-line.

I’m still waiting for the law requiring children sleeping on the top of a bunk-bed to wear a seat belt. Then we can have random household checks for compliance. Children found not to be buckled up will be removed from custody and placed with parents who know their place.

According to ABC News, The Duthoys spent 48 hours in an Annapolis jail after the arrest, and were initially held on $150,000 bail. The judge released them after reducing the bail, but has ordered that they have no unsupervised contact with their 12-year-old son until their trial. The boy is currently residing with an aunt. The Duthoys’ two older children, a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl, were allowed to remain with their parents.

If you find this a miscarriage of justice, a stretch of government authority and an outrage, please take a moment and sound off.

Annette M. Hall