Are you voting for your priorities?

Let’s face it folks, Obama is going to lose this next election. He’s going to lose to whoever wins the Republican nomination. That’s a given. You’d really have to have your head buried pretty deep to not have accepted this by now.

Easy Cheese, with a Birth Certificate!

Frankly, he would lose to a can of Easy Cheese, assuming that it were able to provide documentation to meet the age requirement. I hear you can accomplish that for under $20 online.

So, assuming you’re intelligent enough to accept that Obama is going to lose, your decision is now which Republican from those that are seeking nomination will actually represent you for the next four years.

  • If you’re a progressive, you’re pretty much out of luck.
  • If you’re a RINO, you’ve got quite a few options which, I’m sure, the Mainstream Media  will do their absolute best to pick the best one for you. With so many to choose from, it could take months.
  • If you’re a conservative, there’s only one choice.
  • If you’re a liberal, there’s only one choice. Coincidentally, it’s the same one.

Who? The invisible man, of course!

The Mainstream Media would have you believe that Ron Paul doesn’t exist. That he hasn’t won every straw poll (from Values Voters Summit  to Iowa to Florida). The thing is, he does. Not only does he have a strong following, the highest voting  consistency of any politician in the last hundred years and experience in both his own business and congress, he’s the only potential nominee that could actually gain true bipartisan support – and actually make both sides happy.

Why? Ron Paul supports states rights. He believes government has no business legislating morality, nor imposing upon the rights of human beings. While he is Pro-Life, his position is that government should not be imposing this decision on the states.

Further, Ron Paul is a Christian, but his belief in the separation of church and state is an indivisible principle. Marriage is a religious ceremony, and thus it’s  dependent on the religion to determine what is a compatible relationship. If you take government out of that equation (as it should be), there’s nothing preventing a civil union between members of the same-sex.

Unlike Obama, who has started several wars since receiving his Nobel Peace Prize, Ron Paul would actually  get America  out of the nation building business.  And since there aren’t formal declaration’s of  war for any of them, we’d have most of our men home  within 30 days.  We wouldn’t be invading other nations, either. That’s not to say Dr. Paul is against war. As a former Flight Surgeon in the Air Force, Ron Paul  has served this man’s military and  has  seen first-hand the harm it causes.  Should the USA really police the world? Of course not.

Unlike both Bush and Obama, who increased the invasions into the privacy of ordinary citizens, Ron Paul has consistently voted against any legislation  that violates the premises of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Ron Paul voted against the US PATRIOT Act (that’s a misnomer if ever there was one), and said “Everything we have done in response to the 9-11 attacks, from the Patriot Act to the war in Iraq, has reduced freedom in America.”

Unlike all the other hopefuls,  Bush and Obama –  Ron Paul  acknowledges the issues of the War on Drugs. A war against a large number of the population simply can not be “won”, and should not be waged.

Ron Paul has also made clear his plans to abolish the Fed, the  Department of Education, the Food and Drug Administration and bring our troops home.

Ron Paul opposes the subsidization of businesses here and abroad, and the government sponsored crony capitalism that it encourages. Cronyism, for example, is why two and a half cents worth of medication can be sold for a profit of 500,000% here in the USA.

Ron Paul supports homeschooling, a balanced budget and developing energy sources here at home, and true fiscal sanity that will encourage business growth and jobs in every community in America, possibly even saving some of those businesses left in the wake of a visit by Obama!

Assuming you haven’t completely thrown in the towel, and you’re not stupid enough to actually want a President Perry, you need to vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primaries. For that to happen, you have to be registered Republican. Depending on the state you’re in, you need to change parties up to three months in advance.

Change now. Vote Paul. Save America.


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Free MAPS Seminar

The MAPS Treatment programme for autism (Monitored Multi-cortical Activities for Additional Pathways and Synapses) is a stress-free programme, designed for parents who have not given up hope.

The Brain Repair Institute of Canada will be conducting a workshop on brain plasticity and the potential for treatment of mental disorders such as autism, ADD, and OCD for parents and teachers on Friday, August 10th, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. Anaheim, California.

At the Brain Repair Institute, part of our mission is to teach and train parents of children with special needs. Our expertise has been recognized by the Government of Canada and with their funding we have developed a number of different workshops.

All parents and teachers are welcome to attend the presentation.

  • Title: With MAPS, you are allowed to dream of a happy, normal future for your child with autism.
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Parents who attend this seminar will learn the following:

  • How Serotonin and dopamine levels are crucial for healthy brain development;
  • How and why mental processes can go wrong physiologically;
  • How to recognize and eliminate sources of stress, which prevent healthy brain function;
  • How the brain receives and translates messages from the environment;
  • How the brain qualifies the processed information as pleasurable and worth seeking;
  • What can be introduced into the child’s environment in order to re-balance chemical levels without medication.
MAPS - The Brain Repair Institute of Canada

The MAPS Treatment Program for brain disorders is based on a revolutionary approach that accelerates the brain’s natural self-repair process. It affects all brain functions, including:

  • Communication
  • Sensory Integration
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  • Behavior
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Seizures
  • Feeding

Claudie Gordon-Pomares, a neuroscientist from France, has developed a method of enriching the learning environment of children, based on 50 years of fundamental research on brain plasticity and her own research on brain development. Claudie is officially the published expert (August 2002, journal of behavioral and developmental pediatrics) on the sense of smell of non-verbal children, thanks to her extensive work on the subject.

This condensed 2-hour workshop will train parents to optimize the environment surrounding their child with special needs in order to at least maximize their existing potential to grow naturally.

Claudie also offers a breakthrough treatment for autism that we have been using to remove most symptoms related to autism. To find out more about this or any other program we offer, call toll free: (877) 532-7246)