TV Marketing

Can you believe what passes for entertainment? Two-years ago we cancelled our cable television service because to be perfectly frank the programming was terrible. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In December we turned our cable service back on and our family really enjoyed the change of pace. However, after almost three-months of viewing, I’m bored stiff and more than anything I’m frustrated. I can’t help but think that if more people had the courage to just cancel their cable or dish service the programming would eventually improve.

We have a couple hundred channels but there is nothing decent on to watch. Personally, I thought paying extra for the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, the Learning Channel and other educational type programming would be a good investment and I could have been right but I’ll never know.

The problem is that while the above-mentioned channels have some interesting educational programs, my son will only benefit from them if I take the time to record them and edit out the commercials. The commercials on the programming line-up for these channels are some of the worst I’ve found on the boob tube.

One morning at 6 am I was watching an interesting science program that I was sure my son would love. I suspect at 6 am many children are up getting ready for school, watching the television while they eat their morning meal. I wonder how many parents realize that their children are targeted for “male enhancement” drugs, complete with scantily clad women on the prowl.

I’m certain many 8-year-old boys are on the market to improve their love life. Give me a break!

Either these companies are charging way too much for their products, affording them the ability to air these lengthy, not to mention offensive ads, or they aren’t being charged enough for the ads.

I got a kick out of one ad that aired a few minutes ago. The woman had been eating cauliflower and was experiencing bloating, so she was going to purchase Beano, so that she could avoid the bloating. This simply doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m guessing the woman’s blood type is “O,” cauliflower is on the avoid list (if she’s following the Eat Right 4 Your Type Diet). Meaning she shouldn’t be eating cauliflower to being with. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just stop eating it?

I’m just glad that spring is almost here. I’ve discovered that our family really isn’t missing much as far as the television goes, so it won’t be long until we cancel our cable subscription. I certainly won’t miss the commercials.