Doctors see chinks in vaccination armor

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The headline read…

Doctors see chinks in vaccination armor: As parents opt out of getting shots for their children, diseases such as whooping cough and measles make a comeback when ‘herd immunity’ crumbles.”

Yep, all of the sudden kids just decided to start getting whooping cough for some unknown reason. What they aren’t telling you is that because they have allowed our borders to be overrun with illegal immigrants who carry and/or are sick with any number of diseases. They come to the U.S., they shop in our stores, frequent our restaurants, work in our businesses and spread disease.

As students return to middle schools and high schools in California this fall, they will need more than fresh notebooks and apples for their teachers. Thanks to a state law that took effect last month, students entering grades 7 through 12 will need proof that they received a vaccine for whooping cough.

The law was prompted by last year’s outbreak of the highly contagious respiratory infection, which is also known as pertussis. Nearly 9,500 cases were reported in California, the most in 65 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ten patients died; all of them were infants, including nine who were too young to be vaccinated.

Of course, the article fails to inform readers that parents still have the ability to opt out of the shot, just as they can with any other vaccination. That said, I would be concerned about sending my child into the public school these days. Schools are incubators for disease. Not much has changed really. My niece came home with headlice every other week when she attended public school. She had beatiful long hair, but she liked to wear it down – big mistake.

They keep forcing more and more vaccines on children at younger and younger ages. I really think their little immune systems are being overloaded with chemicals, preservatives, genetically modified foods, and with the addition of  vaccines it can be a lethal chemical combination. Yes, we were fearfully and wonderfully made but the body can only take so much abuse.

Grandma always said, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

I’ve had the measles, it was a childhood ritual when I was growing up. Yes, it can cause death, in just about the same number of instances as vaccines do. The difference is natural immunity lasts a lifetime and has no additional side-effects. Death is a fact of life and there are times when we must accept it.

I was concerned because my son never had the chicken pox, even though we attended more than one chickenpox party. Both of my sisters had the chicken pox but I never did come down with it. I was a bit concerned about being exposed but I knew if my son came down with it, the chances were go that I would as well. Fortunately, neither of us did.

As parents we try to use common sense when seeking medical care for our son. All children are not created equal. Some children are pretty hardy and seem to take things in stride. I was vaccinated for everything and I’ve lived with a lifetime of pain that began when I was about 8-years-old. I had another medical crisis immediately following the addition of 14 amalgam fillings to my teeth. I can’t prove it, but I believe I had mercury poisoning.

I learned the hardway that doctors can not be trusted, the FDA does not have our best interests at heart and that actions have consequences. Don’t allow your doctor to bully you. If you aren’t sure how to proceed. Do your homework and seek a second option from someone you trust.

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Citizens Fight Amnesty Plan

In anticipation of President Bush’s visit to Mexico, those opposed to  immigration amnesty are calling for a shopping boycott.

Prior to the September 11 attacks, the Bush administration had begun talks with  Mexican President Vicente Fox to legalize more than 3 million undocumented  Mexicans currently residing in the United States. The dialogue came to a halt  after the attacks and were not resumed.

The last major amnesty program, which began in 1986, was a complete failure,  when more than 2 million illegal immigrants were granted blanket amnesty. The move did not stem illegal immigration, but instead created an avenue for millions of new immigrants to legally enter the country to visit newly legal relatives. Many  chose to stay in this country, illegally after their temporary visas ran out.

American Patrol Report

Republican legislators are proposing a bill, which would impose a $1,500  fine on illegal immigrants before they were granted legal residency. Applicants  would have to compete with workers who entered the United States under guest-worker programs such at the H-1B visa, for available slots.

President Bush believes that he can shove amnesty for illegal aliens down  our throats because the people have “no place to go,” (i.e., both  political parties support legalizing those who have blatantly broken our  immigration laws).

Immigration is probably the single most important issue facing the U.S.  today, though not many realize it’s significance. Every political, economic,  and social issue facing our nation today and in the future depends on how  we resolve the issue of immigration.

Issues, such as education, government spending, taxes, judicial appointments,  energy, national defense and social issues including: abortion, medical marijuana,  gun control, receive much more attention by the media and politicians.

Turning a Blind Eye to History

President Bush and his advisors seem blind to the implications that our immigration  policy will have on the national political make-up. All the principles upon which  our nation was founded may soon be lost to us and our posterity, if we do not awaken to the threat posed by President Bush’s plan of amnesty for illegal, Mexican immigrants.

In a time when immigration reform is badly needed, our President is not only unwilling  to confront the problems of massive, uncontrolled third world immigration, he is proposing  an amnesty program for illegal aliens that will bury any successful chance of future reform.

Surprisingly, too few on the conservative and Republican side of this division realize  the inevitable impact that uncontrolled third world immigration is having and will have  on the balance of power in this country.

Politically speaking we have seen this country polorized in recent years with an almost  50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans. Allowing mass legalization of immigrants is  sure to affect our political maps and upset the balance of power and forever change this country.

Bush proposes giving amnesty to more than three-million illegal immigrants, largely from Mexico.  This would not only make a mockery of U. S. Law, but undoubtedly encourage more massive illegal  immigration.

This demographic group has been voting a Democratic ticket at ratios of two and three to one over Republicans. Reinforcing this voting block will tip the balance of political power decisively and perhaps permanently to liberal Democrats.

We have only to look at California too see what lies ahead. California was once a solidly Republican state. In just a few short years immigrantion from Mexico has turned California into  an impregnable Democratic voting block with very leftist strongholds.

Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, may soon be next.

A Nation of Immigrants

Many in this country are too blind to see. Anytime we question immigration  policies invariably we hear that old tired argument, “we are a nation of immigrants.”

Indeed, we are a nation of immigrants. But let us have the common sense to distinguish between immigrants who have come seeking freedom and the American dream, and those who  know little of our history, our constitutional principles, and our moral foundations.

Mad Monday – January 12, 2004

Don’t shop at all. Don’t buy anything. Don’t go to the movies. If enough  Americans participate, Bush will be forced to back down and enforce our  immigration laws.

Many of today’s social ills are coming from outside our borders along with the influx
of immigrants. Drug smuggling has increased, putting our children at risk. We’ve seen our courts filled with case after case challenging our our laws, from teaching English in schools  to those who wish to take away our religious freedoms. A foundation upon which we base our  national existence.

Republicans and conservatives maintained a continuous tirade against President
Clinton for his blatant disregard of our borders and his efforts to swell the  Democratic voting ranks by giving citizenship to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Continuing these policies, they warned, would lead to national suicide. Many of those voices, however, have been strangely mute as President Bush has continued, and in some cases expanded, Clinton’s suicidal immigration policies.

Some Kind of Legal Status?

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has called for “some kind of legal  status” for the estimated 8 million to 12 million immigrants living illegally  in the United States.

Ridge, who oversees the nation’s borders, said that such an unprecedented  legalization program should be coupled with a decision about “what our immigration  policy is,” followed by a firm commitment to enforce it.

“I’m not saying make them citizens, because they violated the law to get  here,” Ridge said. “You determine how you can legalize their presence.  Then, as a country, you make a decision that from this day forward – this is the  process of entry, and if you violate that process of entry we have the resources  to cope with it.”

Legalize their presence but never allow them to become citizens? This is an absurd
notion. Does this mean that they would become permanent legal aliens?  Once the millions of illegals are legalized, political pressure will build to grant  them full citizenship and all it’s benefits.

These  statements  are reminicent of the last big drive to legalize millions  of illegal immigrants.

“We’ve heard that one before,” says Karl Nelson, a retired investigator for the  former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). “Look, that’s what the  immigration ‘reformers’ promised with the 1986 IRCA  [Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986] amnesty,” Nelson told The New American.

“What really happened? Most of INS resources were shifted over to  processing nearly three million aliens for amnesty. They immediately pushed  for widening the amnesty and granting innumerable exceptions. And the  Reagan administration caved in.”

Processing millions of applicants will surely eat up the already stretched  resources of the INS.

Enforce Existing Laws

“We must enforce existing immigration laws,” several congressional members wrote.  “The law enforcement approach would reduce the migration of illegal aliens,  reduce the ill-gotten net gain from illegal immigration, raise American wages,  improve American working conditions, reduce the overall illegal population, and  reduce the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens.”

The letter was signed by conservative leaders Rep. Steve King (R-IA),  Rep. J. D. Hayworth (R-AZ), Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX),  and Rep. Charles Pickering (R-MS), among others.

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), a leading voice of opposition for uncontrolled  immigration, delared. “I can think of few things that could be more dangerous for  homeland security than granting amnesty to 8 to 12 million illegal aliens.”  “Perhaps the administration ought to dedicate more energy to enforcing our existing immigration laws and less on finding ways to allow millions to skirt them.”

Finding Willing Employees

President Bush has been quoted as stating “I have constantly said that we need  to have an immigration policy that helps match any willing employer with any willing  employee.” The president has repeatedly expressed this policy position  and done everything possible to implement it. This radical position has gone largely  unexamined and uncontested by conservative and liberal-left politicos and commentators alike. There are literally hundreds of millions of “willing employees” throughout the world who would gladly come here to work for a fraction of what American employees are paid, which is the crux of the problem.

If President Bush’s immigration policy is implimented to, then we are in for a continuous glut of immigrants – more layoffs of American citizens, as their jobs are taken by willing foreign employees; Willing not only to accept those positions but at a fraction of the wages currently being paid.

American Families Continue to Struggle

While American families struggle to make end meet, we see wages plument to new lows due in part to the influx of migrant workers willing to work for substandard wages, because they are willing to live in substandard conditions.

It’s not uncommon to find large immigrant families living in two bedroom apartments. These communual living arrangements often consist of four or more working family members, one member stays home with the numerous children while the others obtain gainful employment.

While it may be admirable that they can live together to help each other out, how many families would like to be forced to live in such conditions? This is what American families are being faced with as technical jobs continue to be shipped overseas and immigrants continue to flood our boarders and bring wages ever lower.

American is swiftly on it’s way to becoming the next third world nation, if the Bush
administration and congress continues down their present path.