McClintock vs. Schwarzenegger: What's a Girl to Do?

by: Randall Terry, President
Society for Truth and Justice

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The upcoming election in California has resurrected a reoccurring debate in the Republican Party – one that has threatened to rend the party in two. That debate, to use the kindest language of each side, boils down to this: Should voters remain true to "principle," and support Tom McClintock? Or should they vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he alone can defeat Cruz Bustamante, and it would be better for the party, California, and the nation to have a Republican governor?

As the contest draws to a close, various "field generals" – conservative talk show hosts and pundits – are lining up behind Schwarzenegger and trying to bring their troops with them. Party leaders in DC and California are supporting Schwarzenegger, and even one major religious right figure has endorsed Schwarzenegger. What should we do?

The question plagued me until I remembered a critical political contest that occurred not too long ago. On one side was the underdog; a man of clear principles. At every step of the process, he never polled more than 30%. With him were the dedicated, sacrificial, energetic ideologues. A few people of stature supported him, but most of the press thought his campaign a long shot at best, and sided with the clear front-runner.

The front-runner in that race had deep pockets, greater resources in manpower, better name recognition, and about 70% grass roots support. He had ideological problems, and some bad press for past errors in judgment, but he was clearly the front-runner; not to mention his family had been key political players for three generations.

Then I considered the "field generals" and insiders in that contest. One man especially stuck out. He was a fairly significant player in the campaign of the underdog. He knew him personally, knew campaign details and strategies, had access to donors, and even led some of the troops. He believed in the principles of the underdog. But after countless missteps, poor strategies, bad press, floundering fundraising, and the glaring polling data, he felt it was his duty to the country to back the winner.

And as any good field general would do, he sought to bring his base of operations and troops with him for the good of the party and the nation. As I pondered this race, and especially this "field general," I knew what my duty to my party and our country was.

For the underdog, you will remember, was George Washington. The front-runner was George III, and the field general was Benedict Arnold – who history holds as a traitor.

Benedict Arnold betrayed his principles, the innocent victims of tyranny he had vowed to defend, his faith in God, and the troops he led who had trusted his judgment.

Let the obvious comparison sink in. The front runner – Schwarzenegger – supports the brutal murder of children by abortion. Schwarzenegger denies the Second Amendment right of Americans to own the firearm of their choice. Schwarzenegger supports "domestic partnerships" simply "homosexual marriage" by another name.

If we are heartless enough to betray the innocent victims of murder (pre-born babies) by supporting Schwarzenegger; if we are foolish enough to vote for a man who would steal (on the installment plan) our right to self-defense; if we calloused enough to support a man who would destroy the definition of family, we should not be surprised if we wake up ten or twenty years from now to find that the Republican Party is a moral cesspool.

We could have Republicans running the government while murder flourishes, self-defense languishes, the family is trampled, and "Big Brother" is crushing our liberties. Will you feel better because it’s done by those who have an (R) after their name?

Now I address my fellow field generals – if we are so eager to back a winner that we would betray our most sacred principles, are we any better than Benedict Arnold?

Support of Schwarzenegger is doubly offensive when a man of the character and stature of Tom McClintock is in the race. He is devoted to the principles of justice and liberty. He is 100% pro-life; he is pro Second Amendment; he is against homosexual domestic partnerships; he is fiscally conservative; he’s a State Senator who has been elected many times; and he is close enough in the polls that he can actually win.

Backing Schwarzenegger is a betrayal of all we hold dear. To deliver our troops to him is treachery. Face it; if Schwarzenegger had a (D) after his name we’d say he was a Hillary Clinton clone, the first cousin of Beelzebub.

Don’t betray your conscience and insult Heaven with vain excuses. Schwarzenegger will allow children to be burned to death in the womb; he defends the dismembering of children by suction abortion; he will make it a crime for you and me to stand against "homosexual rights;" and rob us of our right to self-defense. And don’t exclaim that he is against "partial birth abortion." That only ensures that late term babies will be murdered in some other barbaric manner – with Conan the barbarian defending the death camps.

This brings me to the real issue; duty to our party, and duty to our nation. Only our allegiance to principle will save our party from self-destruction. Our duty to our children and America’s future require that we not assist unethical tyrants in their pursuit of power.

We have a duty to resist, obstruct, and defeat those in our party who seek to remake it into the party of murder, tyranny, and sodomy. Anything less than fidelity to moral principle is inexcusable, especially in a race that offers a leader like McClintock.

I end with this picture. If you are in a dysfunctional family, and your father has a history of domestic violence, are you helping your family to hide his crimes and abuse? Are you an enabler; or the one seeking to break the cycle? The GOP family needs healing. We must stop pretending that violence and treachery against liberty are OK in our "big tent."

So I ask you, will you side with an abusive (R) and turn your back on the innocent? Will you betray your conscience by aiding someone who despises what you stand for? Or will you side with a proven champion of Truth, Freedom and Justice?

If the field generals in our midst would stop aiding the enemy by pulling their troops towards the barbarians, we could shortly see Governor Tom McClintock. I’m sure the other principled underdog – President George Washington – would concur.

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