Michigan contaminated and no one cares

I am so upset right I can hardly see straight. I knew something had happened to me and I couldn’t figure out what exactly.  Was it all the fluoride treatments I had in the early 70’s, each applied directly to my teeth? Was it the fluoride they put in the drinking water? Was it Dow Chemicals poisoning  of the Chain Lakes, MI, where I saw  fish skeletons, floating in the water, with my own two eyes, thousands of them — without their skin or guts, just a skelton?

Bitter HarvestI think I finally have the answer, though.

I’ve been searching for 30 years trying to find an answer for why I had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 18 and why I had tumors that I was told were just cysts that would dissolve.

Over 8 million people were poisoned in 1973 and they didn’t bother to tell us. How can that be?  Watch the real-life horror story called Bitter Harvest.  You will be outraged…

How can they just poison 8 million people and not bother to tell anyone?  What is going on in this country?  Why is the FDA so ineffective?  Why isn’t anything being done about it?

Now the FDA’s  new regulations won’t allow non-GMO or  GMO-free labels.  (From 2001, I don’t know where this stands now)  You’ve got to be kidding me!

Notable for companies wanting to advertise products as non-genetically modified is the fact that the FDA says it will not allow labels like “GM-free,” “GMO-Free” or “biotech-free.” The agency says guaranteeing a product to be free of GM material is virtually impossible. Instead the labels will have to say the food was not produced through bio-engineering. The FDA said it may take legal action against companies that violate these guidelines.

They aren’t going to quit until they kill us all.  We need to dump the FDA.  This demonstrates that it is  a useless agency and is causing more harm than good.  We’ve got to pay attention!

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Earth Fare’s Boot Challenge

This morning on Facebook I saw a coupon for a chocolate bar exchange, Earth Fare called it, “Take the Boot Challenge.”

They asked, “How much do you know about the food you’re eating and the wellness products you’re using daily? Come back every month for a new Boot Challenge!  Which chocolate bar, based on its ingredients, would you boot.”  Well, I got really excited, until I read the ingredient list…



Ingredients:Milk Chocolate (Chocolate Liquor, Milk, Unbleached Water-Filtered Beet Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Lactose, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla).


Ingredients:Sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Processed with Alkali, Milk Fat, Lactose, Soy Lecithin, PGPR, Vanillin, Artificial Flavor, Milk.

That’s when things got interesting… So, I posted to Earth Fare’s Facebook page:

“I was excited to see your coupon for the candy bar exchange, that is until I saw the ingredient list… Your chocolate bar might be “healthier,” but it still has GMO in it. So, it’s not HEALTHY.”

Earth Fare: Which ingredient are you referring to? These bars contain no known GMOs….

Annette M. Hall: got a link? I can’t find it.

Earth Fare:  You’re referring to the Boot Challenge, correct?

Annette M. Hall: Filtered Beet Sugar – it’s my understanding that most beet sugar is GMO and Soy Lecithin. Neither of these say they used organic materials.

A chocolate bar exhibiting chocolate bloom (li...

A chocolate bar exhibiting chocolate bloom

Earth Fare: Since GMOs are not labeled there is no way to tell for sure if it contains GMOs or not. Unfortunately we can only read what is on the label. On that note, we are all for the labeling of GMOs and encourage all of our customers to contact their local government about the labeling of GMOs. I’ll pass along your concern to our grocery team so they can do some more research.

Annette M. Hall: Thank you!

Amy Scott-Lundy: Is the boot challenge coupon still good?

Annette M. Hall:  Yes, it’s still good but be aware this item does contain GMO.

Genetically modified sugar beets make up 95 percent of the crop in the U.S. Farmers who grow sugar beets say there isn’t enough conventional sugar beet seed around anymore, and they no longer have the field equipment necessary to clear weeds from their fields. — NPR

Earth Fare: You can’t say for sure that it contains GMOs. If we knew for sure it would NOT be on our shelves. Thanks!

Annette M. Hall: I can tell you, it has GMO ingredients.

Earth Fare: Haha – ok Maybe you should come work for us and tell us about all the other non-labeled GMOs in our store!

Annette M. Hall: I’m sorry, either it is organic or NOT and I’ve been doing my homework. I am not going to lie for you or anyone. sugar beets – GMO Soy Lecithin – GMO Sorry. [Non GMO Project – Verified Products]


Earth Fare: Actually, to call something “organic” it only has to be 95% organic…so technically even some organic items could contain GMOs. That’s why it’s a problem.

Annette M. Hall: While 95% may be the “legal” definition of organic, it certainly isn’t the “moral” definition – and any company who values the organic market would do well to remember that.

This is a problem for me.

Obviously, I’m not going to buy any of Earth Fare’s products, because “You can’t say for sure that it contains GMOs.”

This is the attitude they have, oh well, sorry, “to call something “organic” it only has to be 95% organic.”

That’s NOT good enough!

I actually, stopped every girl scout I saw out selling girl scout cookies.  I told them, I’m sorry, but they have GMO in them.  I can’t eat them, without getting sick. I guess I’m just supposed to go hungry.  I’ll write more about my medical issues tomorrow.  You won’t believe it.

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Going Organic?

Going Organic?

Have you noticed all the news articles taunting how organic food isn’t any more healthy for us than eating the pesticide laden, mass-produced vegetables that most of us consume?

They really don’t get it. (Don’t ask me who “they” is, I don’t have a clue. I suppose “they” is anyone who stands to benefit from poisoning families.) They think, it’s all about money – everyone knows it’s cheaper to eat genetically modified, pesticide ready food – we know it’s about health.

You can’t place a price on your health. Many of these chemicals we have come to depend on, build up in our bodies – many new health problems will crop up and trusting consumers have yet to experience the full measure of our actions.

Much of the harm that can be done, has already been done to my body, but about my son? What do I tell him when he asks why I didn’t work harder to protect him? He has his entire life ahead of him. We owe it to our children to feed them healthy food.

We have placed false hope in our government; They won’t protect us. Our government has sold us out. It is up to parents to use wisdom when choosing the foods we serve on our tables. I was overjoyed when my eldest son informed me they were putting in a garden this year. No pesticides were used and my grandkids will reap the benefits of fresh, healthy vegetables.

The bad economy has been good for many industrious people. It has motivated them to put in gardens, to start their own businesses, and tighten their budget. Individuals who aren’t quite so motivated or creative are struggling but that’s the way it’s always been.

Our own business showed some growing pains, we lost a few clients in the beginning but no more than in a normal year. Recently, we’ve seen online businesses expanding and getting more creative in their marketing. New businesses are cropping up at a faster pace than normal.

What I find really exciting is the positive effect all this could have on our lives. As more people begin Internet-based businesses, allowing them to work from their home office, we will begin to see fewer cars on the road, which means less emissions.

I don’t understand why the feds don’t encourage employers to hire home workers by offering tax credits. It seems like such a smart solution to our crowded roads and pollution choked cities. This would have the added benefit of allowing people to select where they live. In many cases, this would allow families to live closer to their extended family.

It is wonderful to see a determined citizenry stand up to the challeges we are facing today and not cave in under the pressures. As for buying organic: I may not always be able to afford to buy organic but I look at it this way, every dollar I spend on organic foods, is a vote for natural foods. It’s one less dollar the chemical companies get.

Buying organic may or may not provide any vitamin benefits but it sure makes you feel good about the choices you make. I kind of like the feeling, so I think I’ll keep “wasting” my money. Who knows, my son may thank me one day — or not.