Looking Over The Edge

Originally printed by Akwesasne Phoenix Sundays, Nov. 14, 2004, Issue 4

Indians first targetted by Big Brother

How government bloodhounds plan on tracking Indians. It’s a sinister joke. It’s evil. Where does this come from? The Mohawks of Kahnawake and Crees of Quebec will be guinea pigs for a worldwide “Smart Card” system!

These new super ID cards have been on the wish-list of the Powers That Be for years. They want everyone to have one. They want to keep track of everything that everyone does.

But their dream keeps getting shot down. Human rights activists say “Smart cards” are an invasion of privacy. Mainstream America won’t have it. So the control freaks have decided to do an end-run around all the idealistic do-gooders.

That’s why the project has surfaced in Indian Country.

Smart cards are being passed off as a make work project in Kahnawake. An American company located in Virginia, close to Washington D.C. has persuaded Canada’s Department of Indian Affairs to fund the project. The new card will replace the present Indian Status Card. It will be used to tighten security measures by making it possible to electronically track those who have the right kind of blood according to their ways of reckoning.

The work is being done in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The plan is to make smart cards for all of the Aboriginal nations.

Anteon, the private American company heading this project, is a world leader in card technology. The team also includes Laser Card Systems. A November 22, 2004 letter from lawyer, Mark L. Cushing of Sonnenschein, Nath and Rosenthal, of Washington DC, to Mike Bush of Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, provided some of the details of the scheme.

Anteon is preparing specifications for a new facility in Kahnawake. When they are sent, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake will be asked to find a place for the set up. The project has never been publicly discussed, but some of the machinery is apparently already on location.

As Mike Bush of Mohawk Council of Kahnawake says, this card “will prevent fraud and satisfy the border crossing requirements, while bearing a unique logo for each community and including ‘additional’ information.”

Former Kahnawake chief, Joe Norton, has been hired as a consultant. His services are appreciated because he brought the Assembly of First Nations on board. Joe Norton, Amanda Grainger and Mark Cushing met in late October 2004 in Ottawa with the AFN. The AFN then met with the Minister of Indian Affairs and got his support.

So this is how things work in Canada. A private American company with ties to the U.S. government gets an idea. They sell it to the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake. Joe Norton sells it to the AFN, which sells it to Indian Affairs. It’s probably not even necessary to slip another revision of the Indian Act past Canada’s sleepy M.P.’s. And there you have it. Smart cards get their foot in the door and Indians get ruled by American Big Business.

But it doesn’t stop with us. Anteon is anxious to expand its business throughout Canada. And it thinks it can do this with the help of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake. Mark Cushing has strongly requested that Mike Bush and Mike Delisle of MCK meet at its headquarters in northern Virginia outside of Washington DC so they can “make this work.”

Let’s stop for a moment folks to think about what these folks are up to.

This is not your ordinary mom and pop tobacco shack business plan. What better way to keep track of us than stapling smart cards to our ears? They are the electronic bloodhounds of the 21st century.

And what have bloodhounds been used for? They catch people to put them in jail.

Remember the plan to route the new larger, deeper Seaway channel around Kahnawake? That will turn Kahnawake into an island. Like Alcatraz.

So why are they doing this to us? Sure, people need jobs. But aren’t there lots of other more important things that need to be done? Mohawk immersion. Health services. Things like that? Is there any real justification for all this spying?

If this is a democracy, why do they need all these control mechanisms? Who is doing this to us, anyways? And why is the MCK cooperating? What kickback are they receiving for putting up their own people as test mice? Why are they putting up these mazes so they can watch us run through them?

We are the most vocal Indigenous people in Canada. If they can get this scheme past us, the rest of North America will be gravy. Before long they will have smart cards on everyone in the world.

Look at the procedure that is being used. Has this come before a public meeting? Has anyone told us why we need this identity card? Has anyone told us what it can do?

And has anyone considered the consequences of letting a private American company have this much control?

We all know how hard it is to get the North American public to understand our point of view. Our whole history has been one of abuse and misunderstanding. Is this smart card going to make anything any easier?


Once it’s in place it will be even easier for them to inhibit freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of movement. No one will be allowed off of the new Alcatraz without a smart card.

Whether it knows what it is doing or not, the MCK is inviting external control over the people.

So far there is already an internal agreement with Indian Affairs. Did this get passed before the Canadian Parliament? Has it been passed by any resolution of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake? Where’s the principle of democratic representation here?

Have they forgotten completely about the Great Law of the Haudenosaunee?

The colonization of North America began in Virginia. It was started by a private company chartered to a foreign monarch. Nothing has changed in 500 years. We’re still having to defend ourselves from a private foreign company situated down in Virginia.

What next? Implanting micro-chips in babies at birth? Why do they need to track us anyways? And who is doing the tracking? Where does it all stop?

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News

McClintock vs. Schwarzenegger: What's a Girl to Do?

by: Randall Terry, President
Society for Truth and Justice

Note: Copies may be made and distributed in any way possible. For interviews with Randall Terry please contact Gary McCullough at (202) 546-0054 or (904) 819-9450

The upcoming election in California has resurrected a reoccurring debate in the Republican Party – one that has threatened to rend the party in two. That debate, to use the kindest language of each side, boils down to this: Should voters remain true to "principle," and support Tom McClintock? Or should they vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he alone can defeat Cruz Bustamante, and it would be better for the party, California, and the nation to have a Republican governor?

As the contest draws to a close, various "field generals" – conservative talk show hosts and pundits – are lining up behind Schwarzenegger and trying to bring their troops with them. Party leaders in DC and California are supporting Schwarzenegger, and even one major religious right figure has endorsed Schwarzenegger. What should we do?

The question plagued me until I remembered a critical political contest that occurred not too long ago. On one side was the underdog; a man of clear principles. At every step of the process, he never polled more than 30%. With him were the dedicated, sacrificial, energetic ideologues. A few people of stature supported him, but most of the press thought his campaign a long shot at best, and sided with the clear front-runner.

The front-runner in that race had deep pockets, greater resources in manpower, better name recognition, and about 70% grass roots support. He had ideological problems, and some bad press for past errors in judgment, but he was clearly the front-runner; not to mention his family had been key political players for three generations.

Then I considered the "field generals" and insiders in that contest. One man especially stuck out. He was a fairly significant player in the campaign of the underdog. He knew him personally, knew campaign details and strategies, had access to donors, and even led some of the troops. He believed in the principles of the underdog. But after countless missteps, poor strategies, bad press, floundering fundraising, and the glaring polling data, he felt it was his duty to the country to back the winner.

And as any good field general would do, he sought to bring his base of operations and troops with him for the good of the party and the nation. As I pondered this race, and especially this "field general," I knew what my duty to my party and our country was.

For the underdog, you will remember, was George Washington. The front-runner was George III, and the field general was Benedict Arnold – who history holds as a traitor.

Benedict Arnold betrayed his principles, the innocent victims of tyranny he had vowed to defend, his faith in God, and the troops he led who had trusted his judgment.

Let the obvious comparison sink in. The front runner – Schwarzenegger – supports the brutal murder of children by abortion. Schwarzenegger denies the Second Amendment right of Americans to own the firearm of their choice. Schwarzenegger supports "domestic partnerships" simply "homosexual marriage" by another name.

If we are heartless enough to betray the innocent victims of murder (pre-born babies) by supporting Schwarzenegger; if we are foolish enough to vote for a man who would steal (on the installment plan) our right to self-defense; if we calloused enough to support a man who would destroy the definition of family, we should not be surprised if we wake up ten or twenty years from now to find that the Republican Party is a moral cesspool.

We could have Republicans running the government while murder flourishes, self-defense languishes, the family is trampled, and "Big Brother" is crushing our liberties. Will you feel better because it’s done by those who have an (R) after their name?

Now I address my fellow field generals – if we are so eager to back a winner that we would betray our most sacred principles, are we any better than Benedict Arnold?

Support of Schwarzenegger is doubly offensive when a man of the character and stature of Tom McClintock is in the race. He is devoted to the principles of justice and liberty. He is 100% pro-life; he is pro Second Amendment; he is against homosexual domestic partnerships; he is fiscally conservative; he’s a State Senator who has been elected many times; and he is close enough in the polls that he can actually win.

Backing Schwarzenegger is a betrayal of all we hold dear. To deliver our troops to him is treachery. Face it; if Schwarzenegger had a (D) after his name we’d say he was a Hillary Clinton clone, the first cousin of Beelzebub.

Don’t betray your conscience and insult Heaven with vain excuses. Schwarzenegger will allow children to be burned to death in the womb; he defends the dismembering of children by suction abortion; he will make it a crime for you and me to stand against "homosexual rights;" and rob us of our right to self-defense. And don’t exclaim that he is against "partial birth abortion." That only ensures that late term babies will be murdered in some other barbaric manner – with Conan the barbarian defending the death camps.

This brings me to the real issue; duty to our party, and duty to our nation. Only our allegiance to principle will save our party from self-destruction. Our duty to our children and America’s future require that we not assist unethical tyrants in their pursuit of power.

We have a duty to resist, obstruct, and defeat those in our party who seek to remake it into the party of murder, tyranny, and sodomy. Anything less than fidelity to moral principle is inexcusable, especially in a race that offers a leader like McClintock.

I end with this picture. If you are in a dysfunctional family, and your father has a history of domestic violence, are you helping your family to hide his crimes and abuse? Are you an enabler; or the one seeking to break the cycle? The GOP family needs healing. We must stop pretending that violence and treachery against liberty are OK in our "big tent."

So I ask you, will you side with an abusive (R) and turn your back on the innocent? Will you betray your conscience by aiding someone who despises what you stand for? Or will you side with a proven champion of Truth, Freedom and Justice?

If the field generals in our midst would stop aiding the enemy by pulling their troops towards the barbarians, we could shortly see Governor Tom McClintock. I’m sure the other principled underdog – President George Washington – would concur.

Randall Terry
3501-B North Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 394
Saint Augustine, Florida 32084
(904) 819-9450
Fax (904) 819-9412

Missing Children

In recent years we’ve heard a great deal about missing and exploited children. As any parent can testify our heart goes out to that family, when ever a child is missing. It’s your worst nightmare come true.

What if the state removes a child from their home without just cause? Without following proper investigative procedures? What if the state then takes further unfair advantage of a family by publicly charging a parent with kidnapping?

If you think it can’t happen. Think again.

As a previous foster child, who has witnessed first-hand the games social workers play with the emotions of children and their parents, I wish I could tell you it’s a rare occasion, but that would be a lie.

A quick glance on the Child Abduction Section of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s website will show the truth.

Child abduction is a serious and traumatic crime. While everyone has become aware of  frightening “stranger kidnappings,” abductions are most often carried out by people who  know the child. The District Attorney’s Office is committed to combating both types of  abductions and to protecting the custody rights of parents and legal guardians throughout  Los Angeles County.

While I certainly can sympathize with any parent who’s child is missing. One parents rights do not take precedence over the others’. This is why divorce is such a terrible thing. A child can not be split in half. In most cases, the non-custodial parent is not a threat to the well-being of the child.

Let’s focus on those cases where the child has been “kidnapped” from the state. The child has been ripped from their mothers arms, the only security he/she has ever known and  placed into foster care.

A reasonable person would argue, that the parents must have done something wrong. The state doesn’t just come in a steal a child for no apparent reason.

You are right, of course.

Government Supported Kidnapping

The state doesn’t just take a child for no reason, they take them for a much more sinister reason. Money! We aren’t talking just a few bucks here and there. We are talking about a billion dollar industry, compliments of our Federal Government.

Warehousing children has become big business over the past twenty years.

For fiscal year 1998,  Federal expenditures to States for major child welfare programs  exceeded $4.5 billion. This figure includes child welfare services, foster care,  adoption assistance, and family preservation and support, but excludes Medicaid dollars, an important source of treatment funding for children and families.

Parental Abduction

Every last child on display has been abducted by a parent, not a stranger.

It’s a perfect racket, really. Children are abducted by “caseworkers”  on a flimsy excuse such as having a “dirty house” or “educational  neglect,” then placed in foster care. The state receives money for each child  placed into the system, they are paid again when the child is moved and yet again, when that child is adopted.

The worst part is that low or modest income families are most often targeted, in courts  set-up to prevent justice from taking place. Parents are gag-ordered by the judge and  prevented from talking about their case — to “protect the  child’s  privacy.”

The parents are often forced to submit to psychological evaluations, at their own  expense — which they most likely can not afford, by psychologists who are on the  courts payroll and find in the courts favor every time.

If a family is provided legal council the attorney is often ill prepared at best,  in the courts debt at worst, and at times refuses to do even the least bit of  research on the families behalf.

Financial Ruin

A family who was barely making ends meet before the children were abducted, now finds themselves  in dire straights, putting everything on the line for that chance the court will find mercy  and return their children.

If the parents are lucky enough to have the children returned, the family is often totally destroyed. The children, traumatized by their ordeal, are unable to sleep, revert to bed-wetting  if they were potty trained, are terrified of being removed again. They often lash-out at anyone  and everyone.

Their trust in their parent has been destroyed. Their secure little world has been ruptured. They now know their parent is powerless to protect them. Most will require many years of therapy and life will never again be the same for them.

I have purposely avoided using specific case histories here. Not because they don’t exist, because they do, in the hundreds of thousands, each and every year. However, the individual stories are in many cases so outlandish as to be considered fantasy. I can assure you this is far from fantasy and is in fact, a parents worst nightmare.

You are probably wondering what you can do. You can start by questioning every story you see in the media. Ask yourself…What details have they left out? What aren’t they telling us? The media puts a slant on every story they report, often omitting vital facts of the case.

If you know someone who has lost their children to the state, be there for them. Lend them moral support. Offer to go to court with them, be a character witness and write letters.

Parents are not perfect and often make mistakes in their parenting. The vast majority are not monsters and want the same things you want for your children.

It is not a crime to be poor. Support parents rights.