We need a hero!

Have you noticed the rising prices at the grocery store? The gas gouging that is going on right now is shameful. If the feds were truly interested in helping to keep gas prices down, they would ease up on some of those taxes.

Just like Halliburton is getting filthy stinking rich off the war in Afghanistan, these oil companies are raking in the profits. Take a look at their bottom lines. It makes me sick to even think about it. The last time I checked was a couple years ago and they make even more profits now.

The way I see it, we are in a class war, “the haves” against “the have-nots”. Those who have mega-bucks are stealing the land through “foreclosure” laws — the redistribution of wealth — the money is simply shifting hands on a major scale. Everywhere you turn, people are talking about it.

We saw the same thing happen back in the 70’s, when  Jimmy Carter was in office,  coincidentally another Democrat. What is it with these Democrats? Until now, I’ve always said Jimmy Carter was the worst president we’ve ever had and yes, I understand we’ve had some horrible presidents in the past. As far as I’m concerned, Obama is hands-down the worst president in our nation’s  235-year  history.

I hang my head in shame because I loathed the behavior exhibited by President Clinton, but it pales in comparison to the loathsome and despicable displays by the current White House squatter.

Most of us are simply holding our breath, trying to tread water, until the next Reagan comes along to save the day.  The Gipper  was a man of strength and honor who I look upon as a modern day hero. He wasn’t a perfect man, but any woman who has ever been married knows without a doubt such a creature does not exist. (Husband’s note: I almost take offense to that.)

I have to tell you this: I believe in this nation. I believe from the depths of my heart that God is moving and shaking things up. God is still in control. Now is the time to pull together, to seek God’s will and pray for a wise, respectable man to lead the U.S.A. out of chaos and back to sanity. Or have we all lost our minds?