No Fireworks

If you live in Tuolumne County, you know that means no fireworks. No fireworks because of the dry conditions, all the trees, and of course the  Stanislaus National Forest. I for one am kind of glad of the no fireworks law. We still end up with people shooting off fireworks and it scares me to death.

I love living in the mountains, I’ve been here about ten years now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s like being on vacation every single day of the year. I can sit out on my back porch and watch the birds, and the squirrels if I’m in a good mood. The deer meander through our yard, driving my dogs crazy. But they are so beautiful, especially the bucks.

Fireworks illegal in most places, discouraged in others

Law enforcement and fire prevention officers across the Mother Lode are reminding the public about the varying rules and regulations governing the use of fireworks.

While legal in some parts of Calaveras County, fireworks are outlawed throughout Tuolumne County and the Stanislaus National Forest.

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeff Wilson said it’s not only illegal to set off the fireworks, but the mere possession of any type of firework is outlawed as well.

The article goes on to say.

Residents can go to any Cal Fire station to dispose of unused fireworks or make sure ones they have purchased are legal, according to Williams.

Just be wary, when doing so. Police have been known to take down license plate numbers and find other reasons to go after citizens. In this day and age we have to protect our rights as citizens, the police in all their zeal to go after “drug dealers,” (read, pot smokers). They will stop at nothing.


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What is wrong with Legislators?

Watching the legislative hearings today, I was surprised to find the legislators reading only the titles of bills and passing them rapid fire. Until they came to a bill honoring Ronald Reagan for his  contributions and for being the only California Governor to go on to become President.

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan aboard an Ameri...

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan 1964

Assembly approves bill for Ronald Reagan statue

The state Assembly on Friday unanimously approved a bill that would authorize a Ronald Reagan statue inside the Capitol.

Republican Assemblyman Curt Hagman, of Chino Hills, told fellow lawmakers that Reagan deserves a special place inside the Capitol because he is the only California governor to become president. The actor-turned-politician is buried at his presidential library in Simi Valley.

Hagman and Assemblyman Martin Garrick, R-Solana Beach, authored AB2358. The bill passed 55-0 and moves to the Senate.

While I  was watching, this bill did  pass, but while most other bills were being voted on by 65+ Assembly members, this bill was passed with only 38 voting – 38 to 0, with many of the Assembly members  abstaining.  I don’t know where the article above  obtained their figures, but it’s clearly wrong.  Most of the Democats did not vote on  this bill, even though the statue had been paid for with DONATIONS and would not cost the state a penny. Even long-term maintenance will be footed exclusively by donors.

Just another example of partisan politics.

Of course, it’s possible that the reason so few voted was that they didn’t have time to run to other desks to vote on the behalf of other assemblymembers…

Come to find out, California is one of the few states that actually allows legislator to change their vote at a later date. So, it’s all posturing. Aren’t you tired of the games being played, not only in Sacramento but in Washington as well. Their all crooks…all but Dr. Ron Paul.

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911 Cell Calls

How reliable is 911 in an emergency?

911 Cell Calls

In an emergency situation a 911 operator can be a true lifeline. We teach our children that if help is needed quickly dial 911 and the operator will provide assistance. But are the 911 services as effective and reliable as we’ve been led to believe?

On the way home from a trip to Merced on Monday, April 28, 2008, as we turned onto the street where we lived, we were shocked to find a neighbors truck on fire. The flames were shooting high into the sky. Fortunately, the truck had been parked in front of the post office, in an area clear of trees and brush or our entire neighborhood may have went up in flames.

My husband immediately dialed 911 from his cell phone. I was flabbergasted when I heard a recording being played on the line. A short while later an operator finally came on the line. My husband informed the operator that a truck was on fire in front of the post office in Twain Harte, CA and that a fire truck was needed.

The operator informed him that unless he knew the cross street, she couldn’t take the report. I couldn’t believe my ears, my husband was literal dumbfounded – especially since the fire department was literally two blocks away. Anyone in Twain Harte knows exactly where the post office is. It’s a tiny community.

My husband expressed his disbelief to the operator. She told him she would try to pass the information along. Instead of waiting to see if someone would respond, we drove the two blocks to the fire department. I frantically rang the bell, and yelled fire. After what seemed like forever (probably only a couple minutes) a fireman came out on the balcony and asked if something was wrong. I explained that a truck was on fire in front of the post office.

911 Cell Calls

It took 15-minutes from the time we dialed 911, until someone actually showed up at the scene. Finally, a lone firefighter arrived to put out the still shooting flames.

I used to feel secure in knowing that if a fire ever broke out near our home that we were well protected. After all, we have three fire departments in very close proximity to this area. But now I’m not so confident.

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