Decision 2008

Election Day is fast approaching, it’s hard not to get depressed just thinking about it. The prospects for this country under an administration ran by either John McCain or Barack Obama is simply dismal.

Decision 2008 -- Chuck Baldwin

As a solid supporter of Congressman Ron Paul, from Texas who ran for president on the Republican ticket and was beat in the primaries by Senator John McCain, the thought of voting for either McCain or Obama depressed me. How does one go about voting for the lesser of two evils?

I was stuck with a tough decision, vote for a candidate I don’t believe in or stay home and live with everyone else’s decision. Neither prospect was very appealing. After all, I do have to sleep at night.

I was surprised to learn just last week that Congressman Ron Paul is supporting Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party for President. I have not only heard of Chuck Baldwin but I’ve enjoyed reading many articles penned by him. Finally a candidate I can get behind.

What I don’t understand is why so many people choose to vote the major party lines, even though they don’t like them; don’t believe them and can’t fully support them. What makes a sane person reject his or her own gut instincts and vote for these bozos? The only response I’ve heard is that a third party candidate doesn’t have a chance of winning — that I’m wasting my vote.

As long as people stick to this kind of thinking, a third party candidate will never stand a chance of winning. When are we American’s going to finally stand up and vote with our hearts and our heads? When are we going to stop acting like sheep and letting big money, do nothings decide who will reside on Pennsylvania Avenue for the next four-years?

I have faith that one-day ordinary citizens will wake up and vote for someone who is willing to go against the flow, to speak the truth – even when it’s not popular, instead of doing what comes easy.

Let’s take this country by storm and show the networks that we have a mind of our own, regardless of what they think. If you believe in our constitution and you believe it’s time for a real change – vote for Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party Candidate for President.

Vote Chuck Baldwin for President -- Constitution Party