Replace Your Computer

Last week my wife finally pushed me on my promise to buy our grandchildren a new computer.

Replace Your Computer

We had promised to get them one last Christmas, but I hadn’t had time to do research on what their needs were and for a good machine for them. Since I wasn’t able to actually “work” much last week, I put a couple days into researching machines and found them one on Amazon.

It was such a nice computer (and REALLY inexpensive) that I ended up buying one for our son, a couple hours later. It’s been on the “top 100” list at Amazon for over 6 months, and with many good reasons.

It arrived yesterday (7 days after the order – and it only took that long because I used my PO Box for delivery – oops), and I finally had the opportunity to dig around inside and really explore its abilities. WOW! I am very impressed. Not only is it just a very well put together machine with plenty of ventilation, ports and room for upgrades, it includes several excellent features that they don’t detail on the Amazon site, and it comes with a Western Digital Hard Drive (at least – my son’s did). For what this machine cost, well, I’m in absolute shock.

I’m actually ordering myself one right now (yes, dead serious) because I think it would be capable of supporting **my** needs for the next couple years – and for the price difference between this one and the one I really really want (a difference of over $6 grand, and at least one heart attack), the price and capabilities on this one are more than sufficient to make me wait.

Most computers, including this one, purchased around now will include a free upgrade to Windows 7. That makes this an even better machine, because it gets the free upgrade to a more stable and better tested operating system.

So, without further ado, here’s a link to it: Gateway DX4200-09 Desktop PC

Last week when I bought the other two, they were only $330, it’s gone up ~$20 since then. According to Amazon the computer “lists” at $460 from Gateway, but $350 from Amazon. Checking the Gateway site, though, the machine actually lists for $510 from Gateway. Oh, and there is free shipping from Amazon!

The only significant limitations you would have on this computer (64bit + AMD processor) are alleviated by Windows 7, so I do consider that a necessary upgrade – BUT this computer, with the hardware & software it has, should last **me** at least 2 years, and will likely last my son 5 years or more. It will easily last most “task users” five years, as many as eight years with only minor upgrades (less than $200) over the course of it’s life.

I’ve read the reviews on this computer, and almost all of them are biased against the default configuration of including Vista this close to the Windows 7 release. For the price and capabilities, that’s a BS argument. The other complaints are that the computer “only” rates a 3.9 “experience” out of the box, which means that hard-core video gamers need not apply. Again, if you’re a hard-core video gamer (and most people are not!), no computer under $1500 is going to suffice. And for $80 you could easily *make* this computer sufficient for most gaming needs anyway.

I was thinking about all our clients who were in the market for a sweet deal, as I was placing the order, and figured I might as well share it with every one. I think this one is an excellent option.

Shawn K. Hall

Sloppy Blogs!

Today is my day to rant! My entire family has been sick with some sort of bug or flu for the past three-months. At least one of us, if not every one of us has been constantly or chronically ill during that time. What a miserable existence.

I feel as though I’ve let my family down and that our illnesses somehow reflect on me. I try my best to clean up messes as they arise, keep the laundry under control, along with the bedding changes — I admit I’m a little lax in the vacuuming department but we aren’t eating off the floors — they can wait.

I have been doing the bare minimum amount of work and I can’t think clearly enough to work on a paying project, my head is simply in a fog. I haven’t even blogged because being raised in a "southern home" (Ohio), my grammar is — well — southernized. I mean let’s face it; if you can understand a southerner (and you’re not from the south), you are doing pretty darn well. I wouldn’t really call Ohio part of the deep south but you’d never know it from talking with them.

My point is that I have trouble writing proper sentences when I’m up to par, why risk looking unprofessional and illiterate if I don’t have to expose myself — especially when I’m sick? But what fun is that I ask you? I enjoy posting about our daily happenings and ranting about whatever topic just drops in my lap for the day.

I started one piece during my first bought with the flu bug about my very first brand new computer — well my very first one that I actually get to keep. The first two machines Shawn ordered (both HP’s) were sent back due to one problem or another. This new Alienware computer is the icing on the cake — it’s just that sweet. The article still needs a great deal of work.

Another article I started was about my last trip to The Biggest Little Kitchen Store located in Jackson, Ca. I think it’s my favorite place on earth. If I could die and go to kitchen heaven, that would be it. Shhh, don’t tell Janie.

What do you think? Do you enjoy reading sloppy blogs or should they be top-notch every time?