Doctors see chinks in vaccination armor

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The headline read…

Doctors see chinks in vaccination armor: As parents opt out of getting shots for their children, diseases such as whooping cough and measles make a comeback when ‘herd immunity’ crumbles.”

Yep, all of the sudden kids just decided to start getting whooping cough for some unknown reason. What they aren’t telling you is that because they have allowed our borders to be overrun with illegal immigrants who carry and/or are sick with any number of diseases. They come to the U.S., they shop in our stores, frequent our restaurants, work in our businesses and spread disease.

As students return to middle schools and high schools in California this fall, they will need more than fresh notebooks and apples for their teachers. Thanks to a state law that took effect last month, students entering grades 7 through 12 will need proof that they received a vaccine for whooping cough.

The law was prompted by last year’s outbreak of the highly contagious respiratory infection, which is also known as pertussis. Nearly 9,500 cases were reported in California, the most in 65 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ten patients died; all of them were infants, including nine who were too young to be vaccinated.

Of course, the article fails to inform readers that parents still have the ability to opt out of the shot, just as they can with any other vaccination. That said, I would be concerned about sending my child into the public school these days. Schools are incubators for disease. Not much has changed really. My niece came home with headlice every other week when she attended public school. She had beatiful long hair, but she liked to wear it down – big mistake.

They keep forcing more and more vaccines on children at younger and younger ages. I really think their little immune systems are being overloaded with chemicals, preservatives, genetically modified foods, and with the addition of  vaccines it can be a lethal chemical combination. Yes, we were fearfully and wonderfully made but the body can only take so much abuse.

Grandma always said, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

I’ve had the measles, it was a childhood ritual when I was growing up. Yes, it can cause death, in just about the same number of instances as vaccines do. The difference is natural immunity lasts a lifetime and has no additional side-effects. Death is a fact of life and there are times when we must accept it.

I was concerned because my son never had the chicken pox, even though we attended more than one chickenpox party. Both of my sisters had the chicken pox but I never did come down with it. I was a bit concerned about being exposed but I knew if my son came down with it, the chances were go that I would as well. Fortunately, neither of us did.

As parents we try to use common sense when seeking medical care for our son. All children are not created equal. Some children are pretty hardy and seem to take things in stride. I was vaccinated for everything and I’ve lived with a lifetime of pain that began when I was about 8-years-old. I had another medical crisis immediately following the addition of 14 amalgam fillings to my teeth. I can’t prove it, but I believe I had mercury poisoning.

I learned the hardway that doctors can not be trusted, the FDA does not have our best interests at heart and that actions have consequences. Don’t allow your doctor to bully you. If you aren’t sure how to proceed. Do your homework and seek a second option from someone you trust.

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Got Chickenpox?

Apparently, there has been a chickenpox outbreak in Calaveras County – 7 cases have been reported. I don’t know why, but I find this pretty funny stuff.

Calaveras Chickenpox Alert

San Andreas, CA — The Calaveras County Health Department ¬†would like to alert residents that there is a growing number of chickenpox cases being reported in the county.

“The Public Health Department is recommending that all parents check the immunization records of their children and teenagers,” says Dr. Dean Kelaita, Calaveras County Health Officer. “Children over the age of 12 months should have at least one dose of varicella vaccine, the vaccine that prevents chickenpox. Two doses are recommended for children, adolescents and adults.”

We decided long ago that we prefer to let the body take care of itself naturally, so we avoid putting chemicals in our bodies whenever possible and we choose not to vaccinate. That being said, getting the chickenpox as an adult is not a fun way to spend a couple of weeks.

So, when my son was about five, chickenpox were going around. I recall driving all the way from Citrus Heights to San Leandro, CA, just so we could expose my son to the chickpox. I was a little concerned because I have never had the chickenpox. I figured, well, if I come down with them, the two of us can have them together at least.

Wouldn’t you know it, we tried 3-times to expose our son to the chickenpox and he never did come down with them. Perhaps, some people just have a natural immunity or we both had such a light case of them that we didn’t notice. Some how, I find that hard to believe.

At any rate. If you have an otherwise healthy child, natural immunity always beats artificial hands down. Why not have your own chickenpox party?