Take My Word For It!

Back when we had television I simply loved watching Lou Dobbs, he has a sort of no nonsense way about him, he’s straight forward and makes a lot of sense.

Well, he’s sure put his finger in the mix this time. He’s drawing fire from groups like Move On and left-wingers are running roughshod over him these days for requesting a simple item be produced.

Lou Dobbs: Just produce birth certificate

After being attacked by groups ranging from the Southern Poverty Law Center to Media Matters for relentlessly calling on Barack Obama to prove his eligibility for the office of the presidency, CNN’s Lou Dobbs wasn’t backing off on either his syndicated radio or his television program today.

I really don’t understand all the controversy. Why would Barack Obama refuse to just present his birth certificate? The law is supposed to apply evenly and fairly to all U.S. Citizens – right?

I can see me walking into the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) asking for a driver’s license, simply on my word. What do you mean I need a birth certificate? Why can’t I just say I am, who I am and have them take my word for it?

This man just expects the entire free world to accept his word for his nationality and country of origin. I’m sorry but being the President of the United States is a whole lot more important than my drivers license. But hey, if it works for Obama, maybe I’ll give it a try?

Lou Dobbs might believe Obama is a U.S. Citizen but personally, I think he’s spent too much time and put too much effort into hiding something. If not the fact that he was born in Kenya – What? It’s awfully arrogant of him simply to just expect that everyone would take his word for it.

This man is from Chicago for pitysakes. Enough said…