Irritated, Indignate and Speaking Out

The only thing worse that being made a fool of is being made to feel like a fool. I guess that means it’s ok to look foolish to everyone else, just so long as you don’t feel foolish. I hate it when extreme environmentalists tell half-truths and outright lies in order to push their global agenda at the expense of all logic.

Irritated, Indignate and Speaking Out

I recently wrote a brief commentary, "Exploring Arctic Melt," about the Nova DVD, "Extreme Ice." The problem is I’ve watched the movie over a dozen times and I can’t get it out of my system. I am really angry about it.

I realize that photojournalist, James Balog means well. I’m certain he has a real concern for habitat and that the work he’s doing is important. That is not the point. I simply fail to understand, how he can totally blame "global warming" and "greenhouse gases" on our climate changes, yet he fails to see the significant roll scientists themselves have played in the accellerated melting of polar ice caps.

Balog took great pains to point out how the more porous the ice becomes, the faster the ice melts, as more of the surface is exposed to air and the subsequent water that follows. Then immediately drills more than half a dozen holes in the ice, to facilitate his descent into a crevasse.

For a hundred years scientists have been exploring our polar regions. Extreme Ice even went so far as to show a huge freezer with thousands of samples of ice core drillings. Do they really not see the corelation? Watch the program and see if you don’t agree, this is a huge flaw in their logic.

I’m not saying that scientific exploration is the major cause of global warming. What I am saying is, if we know something is harmful – shouldn’t we stop doing it? Shouldn’t we practice what we preach. Balog wants everyone else to do their part, but he isn’t willing to forego the temptation to explore these regions, at the expense of the environment.

I think we should all do our part to protect our environment – we live here. But let’s be honest about things and stop spreading lies and misleading people.