Pet Peeve of the day

I’ve been watching the news (particularly CNN, due to a lack of choices) these past few weeks, something that requires a great deal of patience for me. It amazes me that when Clinton was in office, everyone complained about the ‘liberal’ media, today talk show hosts are ranting about ‘conservative’ media bias.

Excuse me but I don’t see any difference. The shoddy reporting hasn’t changed one iota.

When I turn on the news I’d like to hear the facts of the matter. I can formulate my own opinions, thank you. What passes as news these days is a farse. While media elite jockey for position, the news is getting lost in the shuffle. It’s all about hype and glitze. Everyone has their own agenda.

A case in point…

Liberia Civil War

I’ve been trying to follow the Liberia story but it’s impossible to form a reasoned opinion. Supporting information simply isn’t being provided by CNN. We know they are in the middle of a civil war but we aren’t told why. What caused it? Why are the citizens in upheaval? We know that someone there has requested our assistance, what we are not told is who is requesting it?

Just why is the current leader being asked to step-down? Is he such a terrible leader that he must be replaced? Why would our government seek his removal? I have many more questions than answers on this one.

If you have ever watched CNN for a day or two, you soon come to realize they cycle the same news, over and over again. Wouldn’t it make more sense to provide some details? They seem to think, if it won’t fit in a 30 second spot, it’s not worth reporting. Perhaps American’s simply don’t care or is it that we have such short attention spans that longer segments will be ignored?

Kraft Food Modifications

We’ve been told that in a proactive move probably related to other law suits against Kraft. They will be making some changes.

Am I the only person to realize that if Kraft decides to make portion sizes smaller, consumer prices will increase? The packaging costs will remain the same but more packages will be required. The media neglected to mention this fact.

In light of recent biotech initiatives regarding genetically engineered foods, could Kraft be on the verge of making drastic changes in their products? I’d hate to speculate, but a company doesn’t change recipes that have worked for them for 50 years without a very good reason. Call me skeptical.

When I called the company for details, they couldn’t tell me much more than CNN had. I was able to voice my opinions regarding their packaging decision. Where are all the environmentalists who love to speak out on these issues? They should be up in arms. If Kraft really wants to do something, they should consider making their packages resealable, so their product stays fresh longer. Have you attempted to open a bag of Oreo’s, without destroying the package? Who invents these things? It’s nearly impossible to keep Cookies from going stale.

Do you have a Pet Peeve? Email me with your priority peeve, we just might post it here for our readers.

Annette M. Hall

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Who's Next?

Tonight (2003-03-19) the President of the United States acted on his determination that our only ‘defense’ is to strike first and hit hard, replacing the current political system of our ‘enemy’ Iraq with something more acceptable to our government.

Under his order, missiles and jets are currently striking at Iraq. By his signature representatives at all levels of our government are acting on their instructions to search out and collect information regarding ‘terrorists’ at home and abroad. Every home. Not only throughout the world, but at the house next door and at your very own.

Their orders? Locate those that voice dissenting opinions (yes, opinions – not actions) in order to determine their risk level. For what reason would a government desire to obtain this information if not to use it? I pose a theory.

After Adolf Hitler started his extra-national ‘defense measures’ he had a few silent and vocal dissidents who were readily collected and brought to facilities where they could be prevented from ‘infecting’ the rest of his supporters with their opposing views. Doing this solved several problems. It removed the ‘real’ vocal opponents from the media so that the only remaining opposing voices were treated with incredulity. It would be like removing the typical newspaper reporters, AP members, and prominent television anchors and leaving only Julia Roberts and Alex Baldwin to speak out against the current actions. Both of whom have lost any and all credibility as far as politics goes for the vast majority of Americans.

Secondly, by migrating all of the dissidents to a single area he could more readily dispose of – or have his own supporters secretly join and observe – new groups before they could form any concrete structure and security protocols. This enabled him to have his own eyes and ears in any movement against him, while preserving what was perceived as the status quo.

Third, with the major media outlets presenting only supportive commentaries, the herd-mentality of the nation was lead to believe that the anti-nazi movement was small enough to be trivial. Whether or not that was true is irrelevant. Since the majority of the population believed it to be true, dissidents were actively sought out by the much more vocal nazis and publicly humiliated, attacked and murdered outright.

Of course, who in the media wouldn’t want to support their "protective" government when they were being secretly attacked by terrorists and subversives? Historians today will quickly point out the terrorist actions Hitler and his own followers created as sponsorship for their rise to power and later as a mechanism to ensure the further placation of the population that there “really was” a need for the level of security imposed on their nation. Who’s to say that the same methodologies will not be applied to the US? Statements by Bush and Co. already replicate the sentiments, if not the very letter of statements made by fascist dictators of bygone years. Hitler would be extremely proud of what is happening in America.

Myself, I’m disgusted. Not only at the disturbing actions by our own government, but by many of the people who claim to be well-versed in our national heritage who cannot see the results of the actions they are supporting. The USAPA, Son of USAPA and Office of Homeland Security each give far-reaching powers that DO NOT DISAPPEAR when the next president is elected. Even if you do not believe that the ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’ would never misuse these new powers – what is to stop the next Bill Clinton or Herbert Hoover from doing so? If your gut-reaction is to do everything within your power to preserve GWB as President in order to ensure that that never happens, mark my words, you’ve already accepted his dictatorship.

As one that vocally opposes the current US fascist regime I fully expect to be one of those that will be separated from the public "for it’s own good" in the near future. Before that happens I want to ensure that I’ve said my piece.

  • OUR NATION does not support this president’s actions.
  • OUR CONSTITUTION has been torn asunder at his hands.
  • OUR VERY LIVES are being threatened and abused.
  • OUR CHOICE is clear.
  • WE are the only defense our nation has from complete destruction.

If you cherish liberty be ready to defend it. Stand up for the nation you love. From this moment you can either count the hours to our nations demise, or prepare to fight alongside other true patriots who recognize the signs of our growing disaster. It will not be long before there are local terrorist demonstrations by GWB’s other henchmen to ensure that the creation of the Homeland Security Department and the extension of powers offered by the unconstitutional USAPA were not in vain.

Prepare for the worst. It’s only beginning.


Shawn K. Hall

“A gentleman is someone who never gives offense unintentionally.”
— Oscar Wilde

FBI Flyer: Constitutional Adherents Called Terrorists

I received the following article by email (“Public Servants” Going After “Constitutional Terrorists”?), to summarize; the FBI has released a flyer (below) which explicitly states that those people who are active supporters of the constitution are terrorists.

I knew this day would come… sometimes I hate being right.


This is all for now. I recommend following the link above and also bookmarking the parent site,


Shawn K. Hall