CA Limiting Healthcare Choices

These days most of us know someone who suffers from some form of allergy, whether it be a food allergy or environmental allergen, the results are the same. Misery. Until just a few short years ago, allergy sufferers endured frequent shots and/or  steroid treatment  in attempt to lead a normal productive life.

The shots and steroids don’t cure the problem but many allergy sufferers are able, through treatment,  to gain some relief from their symptoms. Those of us allergic to the treatment, unable to take the steroids,  were left to suffer with our allergies, until just a few years ago.

With the wide-spread use of lasers for pain relief came other advances in medical treatments, including alternatives to allergy treatment. One company which offers allergy relief through bio-feedback is BioVeda (though there are others, I am not familiar with them). The treatment consists of using a laser to retrain the body not to react to certain allergens. The treatments are very effective and have given many allergy sufferers the relief they have been unable to find elsewhere.

Recently, a complaint was filed with the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners from a woman whose children were allergic to chocolate. The children were treated for the allergen by a Chiropractor with biofeedback equipment. The doctor announced that the girls were now able to eat chocolate. So, the mother gave the girls chocolate…and they had a reaction.

Because of this  single isolated incident, the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners has been holding hearings on the topic of biofeedback and are considering banning the treatment by Chiropractors  within the State of California, all in the name of protecting the public.

As a chronic allergy sufferer, without insurance, I believe this action is against the public interest and only serves to further line the pockets of medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies, who offer prolonged, expensive treatment but offer no cure — not even the hope of a cure.

I am sure that not everyone who has gone through the biofeedback  treatments has been cured —  but everyone’s body is different, and no claim was ever made that these treatments had  a 100% success rate. Medical doctors are not able to provide cures for many medical issues that they treat. The benefits of the biofeedback treatments are nothing short of miraculous, when they work, and have the ability to change people’s lives. The best part is that most people can actually afford the series of treatments, even if they can’t afford medical insurance!

If the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners has their way, those of us who suffer from allergies will be forced to endure an endless routine of shots and pills, with no real cure ever offered, and side-effects that are often worse than the allergy itself.

If a doctor makes false claims or statements, he or she should be challenged and charged accordingly or their license should be revoked, if necessary. Why ban a valuable treatment method that provides relief from suffering to so many?

If you care about having medical options, please take the time to learn more about this important issue. Even if your don’t suffer from allergies, having this choice available to others – your family, friends and even strangers –  should be protected and preserved.  You can watch the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners hearings online.   Watch the January, February and March hearings. Please send your comments to:

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