New Gender Taunted

I was checking out a news article from the Illinois News Tribune to post on the Kidjacked news section, when my eyes were drawn to a rainbow on the page. I never read advertisements and when I am forced to, I remember the company and purpose in my heart, never to support that business.

When I need to find something I go shopping and look for ads and sales. I like them to be readily available but not in your face. Getting back to my topic du jour…

I really had to take a double take. I am really beginning to  think that homosexuality really is a mental disease as was first supposed by mental health boards and most doctors at the time.

The banner reads…New Race?


Forbidden knowledge since the dark ages!

Homosexuals are a race!

Homosexuality is a gender!

Would you like to know more?

Get a clue. People change sexual partners like they change their underwear these days. I’ve known many men and  women who switch back and forth between genders with regularity.  They are experimenting and that’s what children do.

I don’t care what you do in your bedroom, but I can still classify and sort the inhabitants of this earth as boy or girl — male or female. I hate to break it to you but you only get two choices. I find this poster inflammatory and very disturbing.

I can’t tell you just how appalled I was last week when my grandson, called his older brother a faggot and asked him if he liked boys or girls. This is not a choice like selecting a pair of underwear. We have taught our son morals, with a Biblical world view. Instilling these notions in young children is inviting them to experiment and into a world of confusion.

I am terrified to ask what, “Forbidden knowledge since the dark ages!” means. I don’t even want to know.

Parents need to get on their knees daily and pray for their children. If you are a Christian and have left your children in the public school system — shame on you. Your children are being lied to and deceived on a daily basis. Please prayerfully consider an alternative.

The homosexual lobby has declared a cultural war on society at large. I worry about the children of tomorrow and wonder if they will have the strength to endure the road that lies before them. Pray for the children. Pray for their teachers. Ask God for guidance and understanding to get you through the days and years ahead.