Handfasting Ceremony

Have you ever been invited to a wedding ceremony, only to find that it’s not a regular wedding ceremony? As a Christian, when we realized what was taking place, I quietly excused myself from the handfasting ceremony and stepped out back, to be alone and pray.

Most of the guests thought the wedding was, “a little strange,” but the word “handfasting” was never used and most guests had no clue. At one point I even overheard the bride telling one of her guests that this was a “natural ceremony” and that the handfasting cord was “just something different” that the bride intends to frame as a keepsake.

It was all I could do,  not to say, “liar, liar pants on fire” or something a little more eloquent perhaps. Had we known that  the wedding was to be a handfasting ceremony, instead of a  Christian wedding ceremony, we would have opted not to attend.

Apparently, this is getting to be a common practice according to some of the websites I’ve been able to find on the topic. In fact one site just puts it right out there.

Subtle Wedding/Handfasting Ceremony

[The following wedding ceremony was written to provide for Pagans who must of necessity be wed in the presence of the uninitiated who are not pagan and are perhaps unaware that the bride and groom are pagan. Replace the words Bride and Groom below with the names of the happy couple…]

One website even claims that Christians are being wed in handfasting ceremonies, which I find very curious, as I don’t know of a single Christian couple who would be wed in a pagan ceremony.

According to Handfasting Info!

Handfasting is quite popular today, among many people who find that their own lifestyles call for an alternative joining ceremony to that provided by more typical weddings. Handfasting can be used by couples of the same sex, or by group marriages who wish to have more than two people in their families. They can be used by people who are members of Pagan (polytheistic nature religions), or by people who don’t necessarily share the same beliefs. There are also Christian and other folks who chose to use handfasting as their wedding rituals for various reasons, so don’t feel excluded form these resources.

The only thing I can figure out is that the couple has to know their religious views are totally wrong, or why wouldn’t they celebrate their love and their religious committments to each other publically? As a Christian I would never consider lying by inviting people to a Christian wedding ceremony and not telling them.

Why would they hide their pagan origins and call the ceremony a “natural ceremony?”   I didn’t see anything natural about it. From the portions of the ceremony I could actually hear, it sounded as though they were actually pledging their worship of the earth.

If you have a child, friend or family member who is involved in Wicca, please remember to pray for them daily. They are lost to the Lord and are so misguided they don’t even realize that they are in danger of eternal damnation.

Here are a few websites to assist you in understanding and in praying for your pagan loved ones…

  • What should Christians do if their child gets involved in Wicca?  – First of all, you need to read the Bible and pray regularly. You need to realize that this is a spiritual battle and that there are demonic forces involved. You cannot expect to win a spiritual battle if you are not praying.
  • Wicca Exposed!  – Wicca is the name for a contemporary pagan revival of witchcraft. Wicca is the name, and witchcraft is the game–and the Devil is laughing his head off. Although Wicca is new, the forces behind Wicca aren’t new.   Wicca is the same old wicked devil worship and rejection of God. It’s simply been warmed over and served to a spiritually devastated world. People would rather believe lies and do what they want to than believe the Lord and surrender to Him.   Consequently they will have no peace.
  • Hope After Hell – Wicca is a game so many people play.   A game that when  started, ends in many tears and many years of restoration.       Little did I realize how much damage I was doing to myself.   Not only to myself, but to others around me.