Got Chickenpox?

Apparently, there has been a chickenpox outbreak in Calaveras County – 7 cases have been reported. I don’t know why, but I find this pretty funny stuff.

Calaveras Chickenpox Alert

San Andreas, CA — The Calaveras County Health Department ¬†would like to alert residents that there is a growing number of chickenpox cases being reported in the county.

“The Public Health Department is recommending that all parents check the immunization records of their children and teenagers,” says Dr. Dean Kelaita, Calaveras County Health Officer. “Children over the age of 12 months should have at least one dose of varicella vaccine, the vaccine that prevents chickenpox. Two doses are recommended for children, adolescents and adults.”

We decided long ago that we prefer to let the body take care of itself naturally, so we avoid putting chemicals in our bodies whenever possible and we choose not to vaccinate. That being said, getting the chickenpox as an adult is not a fun way to spend a couple of weeks.

So, when my son was about five, chickenpox were going around. I recall driving all the way from Citrus Heights to San Leandro, CA, just so we could expose my son to the chickpox. I was a little concerned because I have never had the chickenpox. I figured, well, if I come down with them, the two of us can have them together at least.

Wouldn’t you know it, we tried 3-times to expose our son to the chickenpox and he never did come down with them. Perhaps, some people just have a natural immunity or we both had such a light case of them that we didn’t notice. Some how, I find that hard to believe.

At any rate. If you have an otherwise healthy child, natural immunity always beats artificial hands down. Why not have your own chickenpox party?