Immigrants, Fish and Feds

I have to agree with a “CrazyFool” who posted the following  comment on a few days ago. He said in part…

“Extinction is a perfectly natural process which makes way for more hardier species. Without extinctions most of the species which now exist probably wouldn’t – including the Delta Smelt.”

Nature works well as God intended, it’s not always pretty or delicate. You would think those foolish liberals would get a clue, just as on Wall Street, the rich just keep getting richer. In nature, the strong get stronger and the weak perish.

And lets face it folks, sometimes the little guy has a big mouth and deserves to be slapped. Those poor innocent Delta Smelt will either, get stronger, adapt or die. If we want to remain a strong, independent nation, we must allow nature to take it’s course and not intervene, which will only serve to upset the natural balance of things.