ACTA Internet Censorship

Internet Freedom Movement Urges Public to Fight International Agreement, ACTA

Worldwide – August 27th, 2010 – The Internet Freedom Movement (IFM) has issued a video bulletin[1] exhorting users of the internet to defend their freedoms by any means necessary. This comes in the wake of recent news that the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is due to be finalized by key world players this September.[2]

ACTA is seen by many as a hostile attempt to subordinate the free flow of information to corporate and government interests. In negotiating this agreement, the governments and power brokers of the world have chosen to ignore the voice of the people, opting instead to expand their authoritarian spheres of influence into the digital frontier.

Civil libertarians have criticized ACTA for its potential to infringe on personal freedoms. The agreement introduces internet censorship and opens the door to warrant-less searches of personal electronic devices.

The IFM is a leaderless organization dedicated to preserving freedom, privacy and justice on the internet.


[2] Palmer, D. “Countries want anti-counterfeit trade deal in September”. Reuters. August 20, 2010. (accessed on August 24, 2010).
[3] Saterical news site United States Congress has posted about this here:

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