Election Blues?

If the amount of junk mail showing up daily in my post office box and the number of phone calls I have received is any indication, politicians must have broke open their piggy banks or even robbed a bank. I don’t ever recall getting this many telephone calls.

Our Tax Burden

I’ve agreed to participate in a number of so-called telephone surveys but I’ve noticed if you don’t agree with the poll creator, they don’t want your opinion. If I get one more call from good ‘ole Newt, I think I’ll unplug my phone until after the election.

I have to tell you after looking at the mail I picked up today. I won’t be voting for the bozo’s with the largest piece of mail. To tell you the truth, I appreciate the wonderful full-color “voters guides” makes it easy to tell at a glance, which ones to throw in the garbage.

If you look at the ads, you can tell which group is fiscally conservative and at this stage in the game that is the bottom line for me. I have children and grandchildren who will spend their entire lives paying off our debts. Folks, no matter how you slice it, that is just plain wrong. This generation has created and thrown away more wealth than any generation in recent history. We won’t even talk about the Egyptians. That’s a discussion for a different day.

I’d like to know where you stand. Is being fiscally responsible important to you? Do you care how politicians are spending our money? ¬†Are you getting more election spam than usual? Please leave a comment below.

  • Well, those politicians really could be quite persistent. No wonder some people get annoyed. It’s like they’re not even contented with all their posters & ads and stuff.