None of the Above!

If the number of phone calls I’ve received  is any indication of the amount of money Republicans are throwing at this next election, they are  spending like drunken sailors at port. But will any amount of money be enough to make up for the loss of trust?

Cut our taxes

As far back as I can recall, I’ve voted the Republican ticket, until G.W. took office and decided to shred the constitution and destroy our precious freedoms by signing the USPATRIOT Act. From where I sit there isn’t much difference between the Democrats and Republicans, and  I guess I just don’t understand why we are stuck with these idiots.

I want a choice — a real choice — when I go to the polls this election. When I talk about voting for real change, all I hear is that I’m throwing away my vote. Well as far as I am concerned, I’m throwing away my vote on the Republicans and Democrats. Both parties talk out of both sides of their mouths and they simply can not be trusted. They all make promises knowing they can’t deliver on, and worse, they have no intention of trying.

This ObamaCare stupidity is just another load of manure being shoved down the taxpayers throats. If I ran my house like our elected officials are running theirs, I’d be out in the street with a tin cup begging for pennies.

Enough is enough already. It’s time to clean house. When you go to the polls this election you think about what it means to throw away your vote and see if you can stomach voting the damn Republican or Democrat ticket. We need to make some real hard choices over the next five or ten years and we need real leadership. Not the same old flunkies scratching the same old backs for the same ‘ole crumbs.

Vote for “None of the Above,” it worked in the movie.