Move it or Lose it!

Perhaps, you’ve heard that Blogger is changing the rules? In the interest of “move it or lose it” we have  moved “The RAnts of RA” and “The Patriot” blogs to Word Press. Back in January Blogger announced that it would no longer support FTP published blogs, meaning that only blogs actually hosted on Blogger’s servers  will be allowed after March 26, 2010.

It’s for the best. Blogger would often take hours to update our blogs after uploading new content. It was slow and very frustrating for us as well as users.

Shawn and I spent the entire night combining and migrating all of our blog posts and comments to the Word Press engine. Word Press offers a nice interface for the user and the editor, as well as much more functionality. We’ve been in the process of migrating all of our blogs over to Word Press for the past year.  

Moving RAnts of RA and The Patriot blogs was a huge job and I am pleased with the new look and feel of the site. I’m looking forward posting more frequently and reading your comments on our new Word Press blog. Each post has been tagged with “Patriot” or “Rants” to make it easy for our loyal readers to find posts. Combining the blogs will make life easier on me.   🙂

Happy Blogging! How do you like the new blog?