Hard Times Coming

Do you ever get so frustrated you could just scream? I do frequently, but the screaming doesn’t seem to help, neither does talking, yelling or foot stomping.

By now you are probably wondering what in the heck my problem is. I’ve put off writing this post for so long because I don’t know where to begin. I see a terrible pattern in young people, in general, that I really find disturbing.

I’ll give you a couple of for instances…

One young couple I know (in their early 30’s) is living in a rental house with no gas or electric. Well, they have an extension cord running from the neighbors house, for essentials like the fridge and their computers. They complain about being behind in all their bills, yet — get this — they are looking to buy vacation property.

The young man in question didn’t miss out on his annual weekend hunting trip. They buy school pictures (at inflated prices), participate in school fundraisers, have all the latest gaming equipment and computers, yet can’t pay their bills.

I know half a dozen young families who have the same mentality and it drives me crazy. They complain they don’t have any money, yet they are big on birthday parties for the kids, with all the trimmings.

It may be old school but I was always taught to pay my bills first. I may not have a huge bank account and we choose to use our money to help others in need but this borders on criminal.

Another young couple I know has borrowed money from everyone they know and conveniently “forget” to pay it back. This couple has four children, they live in a two-bedroom apartment. They don’t own a vehicle, which is necessary to get to the grocery store, yet they are spending $300 a month for braces. Just a couple of weeks ago, they went out and bought an expensive necklace.

It’s no wonder our country is in the shape it’s in. Young people need to learn the difference between wants and needs. If the economy gets much worse, they will certainly find out what it’s like to live with less, a lot less.

Writing this post certain didn’t solve anything but I feel a little better. Do you know anyone like this?