Chimp, Loaded Gun

Wow — Have you caught the latest news on the hill? In an attempt to pass new legislation regarding the keeping of wild animals as domestic pets. CNN is running a video clip of a woman who lost her face last year to a Chimp named Travis.

It’s the kind of story the churns up our emotions because the attack was particularly gruesome. Of course, Fox News can’t afford to be out done by CNN, they ran their own version with Greta Van Susteren at the helm. I love Greta but come on. These cases are being handled properly, in a court of law.

Most people are responsible pet owners, there are permit processes in place already that have worked for years to protect the public at large.

I’ve only just heard of this piece of legislation — of course the news doesn’t give us enough information to make it easy to find. They reported only that the U.S. Senate has legislation pending to ban commerce in primates.

I’m sure most taxpayers would agree that our Senators have much more important business that should be tended to, rather than wasting time on legislation that would not have any kind of effect the majority of citizens.

We can’t legislate for every situation or conflict we face as private citizens.

The CNN broadcaster is urging people to call their Senators and ask them to pass this bill. Wouldn’t it be wise for us to actually read the bill before we demand that it be passed?

To learn more about this bill visit the following websites…

Captive Primate Safety Act