Internet Sales of Ammunition?

Internet Sales of Ammunition?

I had no idea how far gone our country really is until I spoke with my son tonight on the telephone. I haphazardly mentioned that legislators are attempting to prevent the sale of ammunition over the Internet.

He is totally sold on the liberal idea of preventing access to guns and now access to ammunition.

It is our right to protect ourselves — no ifs, ands or buts. It is our right to carry a weapon if I feel threatened in any way. We believe in the absolute constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Let’s face it, the world isn’t getting any friendlier.

Once our guns and ammunition are gone, our government has no counter balance, nothing to hold it in check. It’s only a matter of time before the rising oppression of American’s comes out into the open with no restraint.

It truly shocked me, to hear him talk about restricting access. His father was very ardent in his support of our constitutional rights. It saddens me that so many young people are being deceived by slick themes and propaganda. Many have received a great deal of flack for comparing the Obama Regime to Hitler’s Third Reich. Frankly, I’d have to agree with their observations.

This is just one reason why it is vital that our nation’s children are taught history. One must understand our past before you can clearly see our future.

I am terrified with what has become of this country. We turned off the television years ago and I’m glad we did. The ugliness of the world doesn’t need to come crashing into our living room each night, like an exploding bomb in Iraq.

I admit I’ve been rather lax in doing my civic duty to participate in government, but I plan to start writing letters to my congressmen, to my senators and the water board. I’m really upset with our local water board. I think I’ll work on that, too.

If you haven’t written your legislators — and I’m not talking about sending off an email, I mean an honest to goodness letter with a U.S.P.S. stamp affixed, I encourage you to sit down and write a letter. Don’t use a form letter, though for complicated matters, I have taken portions of those mass letters, just to be clear.

Write your legislators today. You’ll feel better once you have.