Behind Obamacare?

Have you been following the circus? A sound byte here another one there but what issues are really being discussed? What have you really learned by watching the media circus over Obamacare? Not a lot.

Tonight, I watched a video on that I found very interesting. The host went under cover as a democrat and was actually hired at over $33,000 a year to drum up support for the Obamacare plan.

World Net Daily has reported on the ads being posted on Craigs List all over the country, seeking college students — offering them college credit and/or a salary to campaign for the Obamacare Legislation.

A thinking person might ask, Why?

Why would democrats need to work so hard, to go so far, as to hire thousands of individuals to bolster support for such a “terrific” health care plan? If this health care plan were so wonderful wouldn’t everyone be singing its praises? Hell, those AARP senior citizens would be clamoring for it if it were the glorious plan the democrats claim it to be.

This piece of legislation is huge. How many people do you think have actually read the entire document? How many who have read it, actually understand it? I dare say most legislators don’t even know what’s in it, let alone have read it.

Have we all forgotten $600 hammers and $1200 toilet seats? Government can’t even balance it’s own budget and we expect them to meet our present and future health care needs?

Wake up America! This is just another scam to take more of our freedoms. Read the bill! Ask hard questions! Get the facts — then decide.