Old Style Smoking

I can hardly wait until Thursday or Friday. I’ll be eating the best-smoked salmon I’ve ever tasted and trust me: I’ve tasted a lot. Joe Laszlo makes world class smoked salmon (yes, he sells other fishy items but nothing compares with his smoked salmon).

You see, Joe is an old-timer (he won’t appreciate my saying so) but facts are facts, and Joe likes to do things up right. Joe is from Hungary and came to this country at a very young age, but the lessons he learned as a youth came with him to America.

Mr. Laszlo personally cuts his salmon by hand, taking care that each piece is uniform in size and shape. He prepares his special blend of fish marinate, combining just the right mix of ingredients, after a long bath, each piece is dried and smoked with hickory chips to a delicate smoky rich salmon, done to perfection.

I called and ordered up a nice batch and expect to be eating it this week. I ordered enough to make smoked salmon spread. I can hardly wait.

If you ever get to Old Town Sacramento, be sure to stop in and say hello to Joe. Tell him his friend Annette sent you. If you aren’t sure what you are missing out on, ask Joe for a taste. I’ve watched people on the street go from saying, “I don’t eat fish.” to “Oh my goodness I can’t believe how delicious. Are you sure this is fish?” in minutes.

You see, I was privileged enough to get to work with Joe for three years. I worked every Sunday and met people from all over the world. It was one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had. Joe is such a sweet man; he is kind, funny and even-tempered.

Working for Joe was worth going home smelling like a smoke house. Of course, he still thinks I was eating all his profits. He likes to tease me. I would never do anything to put his business in jeopardy. I’d hate to have to do all that work here at home myself. It’s so nice to be able to call Joe up and say, send me some, please!

If you can’t get to Old Town, just give him a call. He’ll ship you the best-smoked salmon you’ve ever tasted. Don’t settle for anything less!

Laszlo’s Goumet Smoked Fish
1100 Front Street, #140
Old Town Sacramento, CA 95814
To Order: (916) 492-9089