Get Her Princess Bride

Mother’s Day will be here before we know it. Since my mother is still living in Michigan and I’m out here in California, it’s always a chore trying to find just the perfect gift for Mom.

After all I would not want her to think she’s not special because we all know that all mom’s are pretty special people. Clothing was out – we have entirely different tastes and her weight fluctuates as much as mine and well, I haven’t seen her in six years. I’d be way off.

I didn’t want to send roses because they don’t last long enough. Knick-knacks are out because she’s moving and it’s just one more thing to pack. I just bought her a pair shoes and it’s too soon to buy her another pair. So, I was stuck. What to buy?

I decided to send her some of my favorite movies — ones that I was pretty sure she would enjoy.

Nothing says love like the The Princess Bride, this is one of our all-time favorite movies and can you believe that my mom has never seen it! This is one movie that has everything.

Notting Hill, is another romantic movie, mixed with humor that is a must see! I won’t mention that it’s an awesome "chick flick."

I’m not so sure about 12 Monkeys, she might not like it but I reasoned, who could resist Brad Pitt and my favorite line, "games that wanna get out…" I’m hoping it’s a big hit but if not, my sister will enjoy it.

I had to make sure there was one on the list that was a sure-fire bet. Mom has been talking about seeing Paul Blart: Mall Cop since it came out in theaters. She can’t wait to see it, so I pre-ordered it and she’ll get it hot off the presses.

What are you getting mom for Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  • Anonymous says:

    Since our money’s sorta tight right now, we are planning to have mom over for a nice home cooked dinner. Some nice hot rolls and a nice ham should start things off nicely. Maybe I’ll even make a cheesecake for her.Happy Mother’s Day Mom!~Barb

  • Anonymous says:

    My mom’s a synch to buy for. She just loves reading Nora Roberts, I just get her the newest book available along with a box of chocolates and mom is happy as a clam.