What is Organic?

Exactly, what does it mean to be “Organic?” We are bombarded with the
message. Organic food is better for you, after all, it costs more but are
you really getting your monies worth? The term “Organic”, is often so broad
as to render it meaningless.

Wikipedia states that:

Organic food is produced according to certain production standards. For crops, it means they were grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers, human waste, or sewage sludge, and that they were processed without ionizing radiation or food additives.

The Definition of Pasturization
The heating of every particle of milk or milk product to a specific temperature for a specified period of time without allowing recontamination of that milk or milk product during the heat treatment process.

Purpose There are two distinct purposes for the process of milk pasteurization:

  • Public Health Aspect – to make milk and milk products safe for human consumption by destroying all bacteria that may be harmful to health (pathogens)
  • Keeping Quality Aspect – to improve the keeping quality of milk and milk products. Pasteurization can destroy some undesirable enzymes and many spoilage bacteria. Shelf life can be 7, 10, 14 or up to 16 days

They fail to mention that not only are harmful bacteria destroyed, but
beneficial ones are as well. When you are given antibiotics they work to
kill the growing bacteria, which causes illness. It takes the body awhile to
recover to full strength because of the weakened state. Taking liquid
acidophilus will replenish the necessary bacteria to gain health more

Milk labeled organic still confuses me. All the life-giving forces are
obliterated by the extreme heating processing, rendering the milk
non-organic (unnatural). Unless the milk is labeled "raw," it’s been
homogenized and pasteurized. It’s like saying I’m going to eat a raw apple.
No one talks that way. An apple is an apple and milk is simply milk. If the
milk is truly organic than why must we call it "raw?" Because we are being
sold pseudo organic milk, which is not really "organic."

I had a doctor once; he attempted to prescribe antibiotics for an ear
infection he had developed. Oh my gosh! I’ll never forget his response, "I
can give him an antibiotic and your sons ear infection will be gone in
8-days, or you can take him home and keep him comfortable and his ear
infection will be gone in 9- or 10-days."

This was all I needed to hear. I think that was the easiest decision I’ve
ever made. It was a no-brainer. If I didn’t have to give him antibiotics, I
wasn’t about to. Just as the doctor predicted, his infection was gone – on
its own. But instead of just keeping him comfortable, I boosted his immune
system with foods and drinks loaded with vitamins and minerals. All symptoms
of an earache were gone after only five-days. I was sold. I knew that doctor
had to be onto something.

That one instance really opened my mind. I began to challenge everything I
"knew" to be true.

I am just about ready to file my report on our newly purchased Q-Link. If
you’ve never heard of the Q-Link, don’t feel alone. It’s a little known
secret that until recently was known only to big shot golfers. Some say they
only give a placebo affect, others swear by them. I’ll be sharing my
findings shortly.