Bank Safe Scam

You can never be too sure what’s on the up and up and who’s out to scam you out of your money. The following was posted just today and I felt it was important to share with you all. Please share this with your friends and family members.

Hi! This is abolutely true, because it just happened to me this morning, March 17, 2007.

I just received a call this morning from a company claiming to be called Bank Safe USA. The man recalled companies that I had signed up for on a trial membership with, like one through Vista Prints at the end of the transaction called FunPass or something like that, and asked if they drew money out of my account that I never recovered, ect.

Then he gave me all of my info. back to me: full name, address, phone, the name of my bank and said he was going to help me recover any funds I had lost, blah..blah…blah, and then asked me to grab my check book.

I asked if they had a website and went to it as we were on the phone without his knowledge and asked for a phone number for me to call him back at and he gave me a telephone number similiar to the one on the webpage, but, not exactly the same. He paused while he came up with the last few numbers.

So, I let him know I was looking at the website right then and he got nervous and I told him there was no way I would just give him my bank account number and said goodbye.

After hanging up, I started clicking around on the site and it is a completely fraud site, unclickable, and they are only claiming to help fight fraud.

How low! Not only are they professing to help with fraud issues….They are the fraudsters, if there is such a word, themselves!

Please be cautious for this and other scams out there and never give out your personal information over the phone, no matter how legit you think it is.

Take Care! Sherrie,
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  • Anonymous says:

    I just received a call from this company. My story sounds very familiar to the ones above. Bank Safe said they needed my account number and I kept on questioning the teller about all the details of this “scam” that “happened” a couple months ago. They called me yesterday and they called me again today. The rep was very unprofessional and kept on insisting that he needed my account number in order to “deposit” some money. After reading these entries I am so happy I did not fall for it. I asked for the website adress but it was not even valid. Don’t trust these people.

  • Judy says:

    I too was contacted last March about someone fradulently taking $350.00 from my account. When I listened to their phone message, it sounded like they were going to take $250.00 out of my account but when questioned said “NO, we will be putting money back in”. This was a LIE. They took out another $250.00. I have been told by them I was approved for a refund of $350.00 but have never received it; told the check is ready to be mailed twice and I should receive it in 5 days, however, never received it. They should be put out of business. I wish I lived closer to them and would take out an add in the paper exposing them for the fradulent people they are and I would call all the TV stations and advise the consumer advocates of this bogus company.

  • John says:


  • melissa says:

    A week ago I received a phone from bank safe with all of my husband’s info and our bank account number. The lady gave me her name,her ext. number, and the phone number;told me that if any money was taken out of my account that I could sue them. I reported it to my bank as soon as I got off the phone. Yesterday, my husband went to the bank and he found out that they took 195 out of our account and deposited into a HSBC bank in Brooklyn. When my husband called HSBC to tell them that they have an account that is fraudulent, they told him to take it up with his bank. He even gave them an account number, and they still said “Take it up with your bank.” My bank is refunding the money, but they still have some of his info. So, I called the number that Maggie Foster gave me and it no longer is a working number.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just want to let you know I had a call from “Bank Safe” March 16th and from the beginning didn’t trust the guy because he said that he was going to recover funds that had been fraudulently taken from my account. I actually had made a purchase recently and never recieve the product but he couldn’t tell me what company I had purchased it through. Also, the address that he gave me was a really old address and I knew that this couldn’t have been from my purchase that I had made. I finally hung up on him. The advice that I have to give is NEVER give out your account number over the phone. Ask to see a website or for them to contact you through the mail.

  • Lexi says:

    THANK you for posting this, I was just looking up this company today and saw this blog. They called me yesterday and tried to get me too.Just like you tey had all of my info and I thought it was legit. Then they asked for a check number. I was like why do i need a check number if you are putting money in my account. They made up some BS answer. Then during the quality assurance they were like “Bank Safe will not deposit any money after taking out the $395.00 fee” I was like this doesnt sound right. Then when I was like so you’re putting money in my account, the was like hold on, anf turned off the recorder and he answered my questions, gave me a name and an 800 number, but he sounded shady. I just couldn’t sit on it. Now that I know whats going on I am grateful that I caught it before they did any damage. THANKS!

  • shadycracker69 says:

    I just had a call also from bank safe and they went as far as to tell me my account numbers from an old closed account that was closed in end of 2002. They also had all my information on hand. They where going to deposit 849.52 in my account that they recovered from fraud that happend to the acct. and where going to charg me a fee of 350.22 that would take after the funds where deposited in the account. ( YOUR BANK WILL REFUND IN A ACT OF FRAUD NOT A 3RD PARTY ) They also given me a number that works and it sounds real good. 1 800 949 8648 that is the number they given me. As I regress i got the call went to my bank to see if it was fraud they could not find any thing on this company. So I called the number, I was given and it all seemed real I was at my bank at the time it almost fooled my teller also they will even give you office hours toto call back on. 03/28/2007 1616