Home Rule

According to the FBI there is no such thing as “Home Rule.” But if you talk with Donald Parsons Home Rule is alive and well in this country.

The Potpourri Show: Christina Guk presents Donald Parsons

Former FBI Investigator Speaks out about Home Rule and Huron County Corruption

This video has a very long introduction and it will be edited soon. [approx. 1-hr 45-min.]

When an outside investigation is necessary the FBI is called in. FBI will not enter state jurisdiction without first obtaining permission from the ‘home town’ police, sheriff, State Highway Patrol. Hence the rule of thumb is if you want co-operation from the homeboys you ask to enter.

In reality the FBI have precedence over the state but they usually will not enter any jurisdiction without first getting a heads-up from state agencies. Thus, if local law enforcement doesn’t want the invasion at the federal level into the state business then the “home” rule of not giving permission applies.

Home Rule Movement

The home rule movement, beginning with Missouri in 1875, prompted several states to adopt state constitutional amendments expanding the scope of municipal independence. The home rule doctrine allows a municipality to exercise any function, so long as it is not prohibited by the state constitution or any state statute.

Although the doctrine appears promising to those who want to expand local autonomy, one commentator characterized it as “an uncertain privilege, for it depends entirely upon the whim of the legislature and may at any time be repealed or modified.”

In addition, the grants of home rule authority vary widely. Some grants are very broad, while others are somewhat restricted.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I know this is about “Home Rule”, but what about the personal side of the person you are interviewing. Upbring, parents…just wondering. It is my understanding he was abandoned by his own biological mother. What is Mr. Parsons take on that and where he is today and how has it affected his career.