False Allegations

Editor of the Kidjacked website accused of misrepresentation…

The following e-mail was circulated yesterday in regards to the work I do with parents who have open CPS cases around the country. Most of these parents are falsely accused and do not have the financial resources to defend themselves, so they seek help wherever they can find it.

I’ve received several e-mails from people who are asking if the allegations made against me are true. I had intended to address this on Kidjacked and posted it here by mistake. (It’s been a rough week. You’ll have to forgive me.)

Annette Hall is really a divorce lawyer, NOT a victimized parent. See her web site below. In fact, she threatened me she will “report me to the authorities” for exposing this fraud. I don’t like hypocrites who use phishing to lure new clients by pretending to be parents like Bonnie Russell. See her email to me below. Talk about ambulance chasers! If she really cared about our children she would help us pro bono, not pretend to be part of our group and then threaten when we discover she is like the man in the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. Email her and tell you you don’t appreciate her being a lawyer masquerading as a victimized parent. Further, she put my story on her website without asking me permission. Not that I care about that, but she thinks she is better than me and can violate my rights to privacy but we are supposed to respect hers? Hypocrisy!
Family Divorce Lawyer

  • I am not and have never been an attorney.
  • I have never claimed to be a “victimized parent,” in fact I have never had a CPS case or investigation made against me.
  • I was molested while in foster care and accused of lying about it.
  • While in foster care, case workers attempted to force me to lie on the stand in court, against my mother.
  • I have never been to or lived in or around Encinitas, CA – In fact, I have no clue where that is.
  • I have e-mails from Diane Booth not only granting me permission to post her stories, but requesting that I post them on Kidjacked.

These false statements have been circulated to discredit my work and this website because private e-mails were reposted to a large list of names.

Things like this happen all the time between those who are fighting the system. Is it any wonder with all these false allegations and infighting that we can’t get anything accomplished? It makes me sick.

If you still need more information that I am who I say I am, visit the following websites to learn more. Of course they were posted by me, so you’ll have to use your own common sense. If I really were an attorney, why would I sit here and waste my time posting these stories on the internet, instead of representing families in court?

Who is Annette M. Hall?

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear “Annette Hall”,Thank you for posting. I apologize for any harm these false accusations may have caused you or your business and appreciate your response here.This entire thing was so bizarre. How do you prove that you are not someone you’ve been accused of being, especially in an online community?I wish you well in your practice. Do you even practice in the family courts? Feel free to post here about your practice if you like. I’m not certain if it would be a help or a hinderance to your practice.At any rate, I will try not to do or say anything in the future that would damage either of our reputations.Warm Regards,~Annette M. HallTwain Harte, CA

  • Anonymous says:

    I am family law attorney Annette Hall. I live and work in Encinitas, CA. I have never met or heard of Annette M. Hall before a client of mine called and asked about this blog. I would like to point out that the blogger who accused “Annette Hall” of trying to get clients by claiming to be a victim of abuse has done damage to my reputation, as well. I think a bit of research would have been appropriate before making such claims.