Gridlock Imminent

While reporters taunt us with the ideology of sweeping changes in the House of Representatives and the shift of congressional control, the only thing that is certain is that gridlock is imminent.

Election News Coverage

I’ve been listening to the news on MSNBC this morning, trying to find a few sound bites of real news. One theme permeates coverage of the election and that is that the voters have spoken and they have voted for change. What a laughable statement.

History shows that not much changes in Washington, regardless of whether or not the Democrats or the Republicans are in control.

More of the same

A real vote for change would have been to throw out both the Democratic and the Republican party candidates and start over from scratch with those who’s voices have been shut out of the political process for all practical purposes — the Libertarian Party, the Constitutional Party, the American Reform Party, etc. We won’t see any real change in national policies until voters are prepared to shake things up and really cast their vote for change.

Alternatively, shifting the balance of power from a Washington controlled exclusively by Republican party cronies to one checked by the Democrats with a House majority, is the best senerio possible.

Shifting the balance of power will force the Bush administration to work with the Democrats and considering the Bush ego that means very little will actually be accomplished in Washington over the next two years – creating a win win situation for voters.

While many of the problems that the Republican controlled Whitehouse caused, wont’ be fixed anytime soon. I don’t see things getting much worse over the course of the next two years.

Is Bush now a lame duck? We can only hope.

Perhaps gridlock is a good thing after all?