CA: Voter Crib Sheet

So you’ve put off doing candidate research. It’s not too late to prepare to vote.

ABC Channel 7 has provided a brief glimpse of California Candidates on their website. I found this site most helpful in helping me to sort out viable candidates. They have provided links to the candidates websites, where you can find even more information on all state-wide candidates.

I was very impressed with the Libertarian line-up this election year. If you are still an undecided voter, I urge you to consider voting for change and vote Libertarian.

Online Voter Guides

Special Interest Voter Guides

I have one last thing to ask – Please vote down any and all tax increases. It’s high time our governments learn to tighten their belts, just as we have. With the rising cost of gasoline, electricity, propane heating fuel, etc. It’s time we voted ourselves a pay raise. While we might not have the power to do that, we can certain “Just say NO” to big government and big spenders.

Even if you don’t have the time to figure out who’s running for what and how to vote, it’s ok. You don’t have to. You really can leave a spot blank. The important thing is to show up and vote against higher taxes. You owe it to your pocketbook and family finances to send the beggers packing.

Please join me today in voting NO to higher taxes. See you at the polls.