Republican or Federalist

Just call me confused.

As I sat reading The Party’s Over, a recent article on The American Thinker, I really thought they were speaking of the Republican Party. Could author and presumed Republican, Nancy Coppock, not see it?

Since Bush has landed himself into office, the Republican Party has lost it’s bearings and lost all but the most blind voter among us. This new Republican Party has become a Federalist Party, in every sense of the word. Running roughshod over state sovereignty and their citizens.

Perhaps, we will finally see our two party system self-destruct and voters can finally experience some real choices, instead of simply more of the same ‘ol finger pointing, lying, cheating, stealing and do nothing-ness that has plagued both the Republican and the Democratic parties for years.

I don’t know about you but I’m voting for a change this year. I’m voting for anyone with a sound message, who is not a Republican or a Democrat. This previous life-long Republican has had her blinders removed and I would love to see our two party system shaken to it’s roots.

We should all be headed to the polls, chanting — throw the bums out.