Microsoft, Yahoo to Test IM Interoperability Plan

Microsoft Informer reports that the Yahoo and Microsoft announced last October that they would link their two IM services to allow their users to rapidly transmit text messages back and forth between services.

Currently, Microsoft, Yahoo and Time Warner’s AOL operate three of the most popular and widely used IM systems in the world, but none of them work well together. IM systems have seen a boost in usage rates within businesses and outside the office in recent years, and such interoperability issues have hindered users’ ability to quickly communicate with others who employ different instant messengers.

Big Deal!

For years our family has used Trillian a neat program that allows you to use instant messaging services across five different platforms. The best part is Trillian offers a free and a pay version, it works very well and they keep it updated.

I’ve always hated the idea of having to download MSN instant messenger, Yahoo instant messenger, AOL instant messenger and ICQ, so we don’t. Trillian allows us to use them all. We’ve purchased two copies of Trillian because we use it and enjoy the extra features, like spell checking in the upgraded version. Trillian’s free version worked just fine for us though for over two years, until we decided it was worth the money to upgrade.

Who cares if Microsoft and Yahoo have finally decided to play nice with each other. As far as I’m concerned, it’s too little too late. We’ll stick with Trillian, so long as it still functions after the merge. Personally, I think all these computer companies (especially AOL) should be ashamed of themselves for not making things easier on users years ago.

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