Just Another Lost Freedom?

If you haven’t heard of the Cherrix family, you aren’t paying close enough attention. The Cherrix family is the most recent case, in what appears to be a new threshhold of government interference.

16-year-old Abraham Cherrix has endured chemotherapy treatments in his fight against Hodgkin’s disease and now wants to fight the cancer with alternative treatments including an organic diet and herbal supplements.

Various media sources are making a big deal out this case. One article points out,
“Although he is not old enough to cast a vote or buy an alcoholic drink, Abraham Cherrix argues that he is old enough to make decisions about treatment to save his life.”

Are we going to continue to allow the media to frame the issues? This has nothing to do with his age. This isn’t about whether or not he is old enough to make decisions for himself. As far as I can tell from what the media has reported, his parents support him in his choice of treatments. That should be all the court needs to know.

This case should never have gone to trial. Don’t parents with sick children have enough on their plate trying to provide proper care, make it to untold medical appointments and easying the child’s discomfort without adding insult to injury and dragging the family through protracted court hearings?

Accomack County Department of Social Services has intervened, on behalf of Abraham and was awarded partial custody. In May, Judge Jesse E. Demps found Cherrix’s parents, Jay and Rose Cherrix, neglectful because they let him choose the alternative approach.

Barry Taylor, the family’s attorney, said the case had major ramifications not only in Virginia, but across the nation when it comes to parents’ rights to determine what is best for their children.

“I don’t think any family in the commonwealth would be comfortable with the fact that a social worker with no medical training could make a medical decision for their child,” Taylor said. “It’s an assault on the American family.”

Who in the Sam hell do these people think they are? What right do they have to attempt to force their medical belief’s on this family? Do you know why physicians call it “practicing medicine?” Because they don’t have all the answers. For all their tests and pills, they don’t have any better track record than the charlatans of old. They don’t have a clue why some people recover and why some people die.

The judge isn’t going to sit up with a sick child who’s being slowly killed by radiation “treatments” and chemotherapy. These social workers aren’t going to clean up his vomit. These people do not have Abraham’s best interest at heart.

What are they so afraid of anyway? The courts and case workers all act like death is the end of the world. It’s a natural part of life, we will all one day die. Shouldn’t Abraham be allowed to live what may be his final days, feeling well and enjoying the time he has with his family? What right do these idiots have to take that away from him?

I’ll tell you what right they have… NONE. Zilch.

It’s none of their darned business and if we don’t stop this assault on families now, it’s only going to get worse. How many more sick children are going to be separated from their families before we stop this nonsense. This folks, is the worst kind of abuse. I know Abraham is still at home with his parents, but this could change at any time. There are plenty of children who have already been removed from their home because court officials believe they have more of right to make those types of decisions than parents do.

Either we are a free people or we are slaves. There is no middle ground.

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Contact Judge Jesse E. Demps at (757) 393-2990 or (757) 399-5514 to voice your concerns.