Judges Pension Fund Shored Up with Child Support Funds

The child support enforcement system here in America is a fraud being perpetrated against non-custodial parents and children across the country. The courts have no concern for the welfare of children, instead they line their pockets and pension funds with monies intended to support children.

For the past week I’ve been listening to KRightsRadio – getting a real education. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of the family courts and how they operated but I had no clue to the extent of the treachery that is taking place right under our noses.

It’s been over thirty years since an audit has been conducted on the funds collected by the child support industry, and the offices of the Friend of the Court. Would you be surprised to know that the Federal government pays the states, not based on child support actually paid but on the child support payments that have been order to be paid?

The courts do not care if you can pay what has been ordered. They do not care if the funds are actually collected. The courts do not care if your children eat or if they have proper clothing. Billions of dollars are being paid in support and the money is going not to support children, but into the judges’ pension fund. Folks this is just wrong!

For years we’ve been trying to piece together exactly why judges refuse listen to parents and witnesses, why they always accept the recommendations of corrupt child welfare workers and KRightsRadio explains it all. It finally makes sense to me.

This issue is bigger than you can ever image. For years Father’s Rights organizations have been fighting for the right to see their children. Women and men have been pitted against each other by a court system that awards custody to mothers and orders fathers to pay support for children they rarely get to see.

The problem is so bad that we need to bring RICO charges against these state agencies and those who run them.

A Personal Account

I have had guardianship of my grandson since he was three months old, before I got smart, I accepted funds from the state to help care for him. Of course they made it very easy for me at the same time they went after my son and his wife for child support. I moved three times and each time they opened a new child support file in a new county against both parents.

My son and his wife have two children still at home, do the courts care? NO! These young people have had their tax refunds seized, their drivers licenses suspended, they have been repeatedly jailed and lost numerous jobs all because of non-payment of support.

The bill kept climbing, even though the state caused them to be unable to pay it. To add insult to injury, they were being charged double – triple – even quadruple what they actually owed in support and I never saw a dime. Even though I was entitled to $50 a month when they were paying, my grandson never received more than $400 in all the years they stole from him.

Yet, my son and his wife paid in more than $25,000, most of which they didn’t owe. This amount was more than enough to repay the cost of the state for the two years I collected assistance for my grandson. I finally got smart, realized what they were doing and stopped receiving payments, signed off from any monies that were due me but that did not stop them from going after my son and his wife.

Even though the debt to the state(s) had been paid in full, they still wanted them to pay more – to the state. Even though they didn’t owe anything. Because it was ordered by a judge they were going to take money away from my grandchildren. They are stealing food directly from the mouths of my precious grandchildren.

The state is running a corrupt game against the children around this country. But children can’t sue for the funds owed them. My children can’t sue for the life they should have had, for the jobs they have lost, the money that has been stolen. Folks this corruption is worse than anything the mob ever did.

If you haven’t heard of KRightsRadio, if you’ve never listened to them – please spend a few hours of your time while your playing a game of freecell on your computer and listen. You will be shocked, outraged and sickened by the depth of the exploitation being perpetrated against the family.