Demps Gag Order

Abraham Cherrix had set-up his own website with information regarding his struggle to fight Hodgekins Disease, his battle against Virginia social workers and the courts entitled, “My Journey.” Since his court hearing, conveniently held on Friday, his website has disappeared from the Internet.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened. Judge Demps sealed most of the court records, ordered young Abraham to remove his website and has gag ordered the family. This is the only conclusion we can reach since attempts to contact the family have gone unanswered.

This begs the question: “What does Judge Jesse E. Demps have to hide?”

Every parent in the country should be up in arms about the Cherrix case. If a judge can arbitrarily force parents to round their children up for submission to dangerous, life-threatening “treatments,” something is seriously wrong.

Just who does this judge think he is? Does he have children? Has he ever sat up nights with a sick child? Judging from his order, we must conclude that this judge thinks he’s God and can do whatever he wants with other peoples children.

Any parent who takes their child to the doctor or hospital, after these developments, are ignorant and simply asking for trouble. You’d have to be a fool to present your child to the Gestapo for “help.”

This case has far-reaching ramifications and if left unchallenged, could set a new precedent for intrusion into child care issues and family matters. Children trust their parents to make wise decisions concerning their care. What happens when the courts intrude upon this sacred trust? They violate not only the rights of parents and their children but they sever that sacred bond. This is unacceptable.

I will be providing continuous coverage of the Cherrix case at: CPS News. Anyone, who has knowledge of their struggle is invited to contact me at: (209) 586-9652 or via E-mail.

The family has vowed to appeal this decision. All letters of support and encouragement for the Cherrix family will be posted to this site.

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Anyone wishing to voice their concerns to Judge Demps may contact the judge at: (757) 393-2990 or (757) 399-5514.

You can mail Judge Jesse E. Demps at:

Judge Jesse E. Demps
Accomack Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
P. O. Box 299
23371 Front Street
Accomac, VA 23301-0299