Schools to Participate in Day of Silence

Urgent Action Alert – Day of Silence Resolution

On April 6, the Sacramento City Unified School District board is expected to approve a resolution to proclaim April 26, 2006 as a Day of Silence.

The purpose of this Day of Silence is to “recognize the silencing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning people due to discrimination everyday in our society.”

The resolution instructs school districts to notify staff so they can support Day of Silence and develop lesson plans that will allow students observance.

In other words, teachers will be expected to set aside their regularly-scheduled lesson plans and permit an entire school day to be hijacked by political activists with a controversial agenda.

The resolution acknowledges that the whole point of students choosing to be silent for a full day is to “call attention” to the event – attention that would otherwise be focused on learning how to read and do math computations. Many students have a hard time grasping these basic academic skills without this added distraction.

Students who participate in Day of Silence will “wear a rainbow ribbon on their shirts and carry a small paper that explains about the day to anyone who asks why they are not speaking.”

There is no justification for school districts to be forced to give up an entire school day to cater to extreme activists. Day of Silence undermines education and forces children focus on vague assertions that a group of people have been denied First Amendment protections because of their controversial sexual lifestyle.

It is time for parents and all citizens in California to stand up and denounce Day of Silence.

We must unite and urge the school board to vote against this destructive resolution.

The vote is coming quickly – Thursday!

Please take a moment to register your opposition to the hijacking of our schools. We urge you to contact the school board and, if you can, attend the meeting!

Sacramento City Unified Board of Education Office
Phone: (916) 643-9314
Meeting Place: 5735 47th Ave.,
Sacramento (in “community room”)
Date: April 6, 2006
Time: 6:30 p.m.

School Officials Response to Day of Silence

We have received phone calls and e-mails from some of you who have contacted your local school districts about Day of Silence only to be told that the school board has no choice – that their hands are tied and they must allow Day of Silence because the legislature passed AB 537, the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act, in 2000.

CRI wishes to clarify that, although AB 537 requires school districts to prohibit discrimination and violence on school campus, AB 537 in no way requires that school districts permit an entire day of school to be hijacked by extreme political activists.

If a school district permits Day of Silence, it is because they have chosen to do it – not because they must do it.

It is not uncommon, however, for a school board member or superintendent to downplay Day of Silence, act like it’s not really going on or it’s not a big deal, and then state that their school district is simply complying with state law.

These canned answers seek to allay the concerns of parents and, at the same time, accommodate pro-homosexual activists wanting to use our public schools to indoctrinate young children.

Remember – the only thing the law mandates is ensuring that school children are not harassed. Nothing in California law requires schools to be hijacked for the day so children can be forced to focus on controversial lifestyles.

There is a big difference between safe schools and hijacked schools.

Day of Silence is not just about students refusing to talk. It forces our teachers to set aside their regularly-scheduled lesson plans and permit an entire school day to be hijacked by political activists with a controversial message.

If your community doesn’t want an entire school day to be given up for Day of Silence, let your school officials know about it. The school board members we have talked with have indicated that they typically only hear from people who want Day of Silence. Let them hear from you!

We strongly encourage you to continue contacting your school board members!

Is the Day of Silence coming to your school?

Please note – There will likely be Day of Silence in numerous school districts throughout the state.

CRI is here to be a resource for concerned parents!

If a Day of Silence resolution is passed, and local school districts insist an allowing a school day to be hijacked, CRI will help to coordinate a “Day of Education” where students can continue to be educated on April 26 without this type of outrageous interruption.

For more details E-mail: Karen England
Phone: (916) 498-1940
Capitol Resource Institute

Posted with permission.