Another Call!!

Whatever happened to the Vets I met?
The ones who fought in the ’68 TET!
Their conviction and courage – Civilians don’t get!
We may have another ‘Call’!!

The "Politicos" know we’re a dying breed!
Just a few more years are all they need!
Our military strength is down! Agreed?
We may have another "Call"!!

We love this Land, yet for too many years,
we’ve stood in the shadows, to hide our tears!
When we’ve pointed out problems – nobody hears!
We may have another "Call"!!

Many brave Vets say, "I have fought my fight!"
in ‘kinder times’, I’d agree – they’re right!
But OUR problems today are like day and night!
We may have another "Call"!!

With more than one "Front," the Forces aren’t there.
Or, a long, drawn-out War, fresh troops come from where?
In a word – we have no time to spare!
We may have another "Call"!!

Our leaders, have not only sold off the farm,
they’ve exposed, unarmed troops, to bodily harm!
And new U.N. doctrines, are cause for alarm!
We may have another "Call"!!

The "Capitol Hill boys" just follow – don’t lead!
Their lives are corrupted, by political greed!
A wake-up-call, is what they sore need!
We may have another "Call"!!

To get their attention, would not be that tough!
Just rattle some cages, with marches and stuff!
Still letting them know, that we can "play" rough!
We may have another "Call"!!

"They" weaned US, "They" schooled US, to get a job done!!
And, Viet Nam Vets, weren’t taught how to "run"!!
As jungle-trained fighters, we could show "THEM" some "fun"!!
We may have another "Call"!!

Sonora area Vietnam Vet