Eight Below not March of the Penguins

We had the opportunity this afternoon to catch a movie and had heard good things about Eight Below, being totally enthralled with Antarctica, it seemed like a good choice.

You can view a trailer and find out more about the movie at: Eight Below — The Official Movie Website.

Eight Below, based on a true story, about a scientific outpost based in Antartica that uses a sled dog team of six Huskies and two Malamutes in the snow-barren wilderness of the South Pole. Trouble begins for the dogs when winter arrives early and the dogs are left behind to survive alone in the wild.

The scenery and cinematography is both breathtaking and awe-inspiring. This well-made Disney movie actually passes for real family entertainment, unlike so many Disney films. Eight Below contains no foul language. Parents should be aware that the film elicits strong emotions and caution should be made when allowing sensitive children to view it.

The movie isn’t March of the Penguins, which has turned out to be an all-time family favorite but it has a charm all it’s own. If you ask me, they would have done well to include just a few more penguins but they might have taken away from the dogs and that would have been tragic.

Eight Below runs the entire gamut of emotions, it will make you laugh, cry and some may even scream outloud (like me). The dogs work together as a team and display human-like traits of loyalty, companionship and love.

I wouldn’t want to give anything away, so I won’t go into any more details but I will say I was so angry when I left the theater I was ready to punch out a couple of the actors. Still it was a wonderful movie that our family will definitely purchase on DVD when it comes out. I can’t wait to see what took place "behind the scenes".

If you get the opportunity to see it in the theaters, go, the scenery is worth the cost.