Operation Kidsafe Digital Photo and Fingerprint Event

Owner of DIGIKIDS® Responds

What does Operation Kidsafe and marketing your business have in common?

If you said nothing, you couldn’t be further from the truth. If you would have asked me this same question prior to tonight, I would have said the same thing and we would both be dead wrong.

According to the source of the E-mail we received [see below] businesses are exploiting children and preying on the fears of parents in cheap marketing campaigns intended to gain free publicity from the media elite.

Parents should be outraged, I know I am.

E-mail Subject: Operation Kidsafe Digital Photo and Fingerprint Event (Hundreds Attend)

Operation Kidsafe

Digital photo and fingerprinting event.

A note to our Chamber partners:

Make Operation Kidsafe a Chamber presents program. Have one or more local businesses cover the cost of our visit. Local business people will bring their children. Sign them up for the Chamber when they attend. A great way to serve the community and expose the Chamber to new members. If you are a local business and would like to lead this effort, please respond and reserve our visit to feature just your business. This is a market exclusive so please act first.

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  • Recent Operation Kidsafe events have yeilded 5 minutes live on FOX TV morning show in Denver.
  • 6 minutes live morning drive radio interview in York, PA.
  • 15 minute talk show that aired on 3 stations in Cedar Rapids and lots of other great ways to get your name out for less than a 5000 mailer.

Thank you for taking the time to review Operation Kidsafe. Our program has been hosted at over 500 locations world wide. It is a rare oportunity that your market is open. Be the leader for children in your community and enjoy the benefits of media exposure and increased sales. Just call a past sponsor and you will book today! All of the businesses in your open market are reviewing this today. Please call us for available dates and be 1st to get your commitment form in as this is a market exclusive.

Operation Kidsafe

For less than the price of a 5000 mailer, you can fill your showroom with parents and be the spotlight in local media!

Book now and get a 2nd day FREE

  • We contact your local community bulletin boards and get your event listed.
  • We contact all radio stations to get free public service announcements.
  • We call all of the local radio program directors to get our National Program Director to appear as a guest on their shows.
  • We contact TV stations and encourage them to cover your event and this special equipment.
  • We invite Police and Fire Departments.

The Problem

It is a fact that over 3,000 children are reported missing each and every day in the United States. Most are found within minutes or hours and have happy endings. Police officials say that time is critical in the recovery of missing children. One major problem that costs precious time is the gathering of current photographs, fingerprints and statistical information to assist law enforcement agencies. While most children are quickly reunited, there is always the fear of the worst and that is what we must prepare for. Parents will go to any reasonable length to protect their children and that’s what we offer.

World Class Equipment

Operation KidSafe is a child security/identification system, which will take a child’s picture using a Digital Video Capture Device that interacts with our custom software. The picture is cropped to size. The software then captures the child’s fingerprints, using a digital ink-less fingerprint capture device, and includes them as part of the child’s file.

No Data Basing

The only record of the visit goes home with the family. The parents get the 8½ x 11 print out with the child’s fingerprints and photo. This document would make it very simple for the authorities to publish (as they deem necessary) for distribution and entry into the National Crime Computer.

An Operation KidSafe professional coordinator is assigned to your event to help maximize the exposure of your business in your community.

Fill out the sponsor request form below and we will email you the full sponsor package. The package includes all the details and comments from past sponsors.

Operation Kidsafe
Toll free (866) 962-5487

Editors Note:

The next time you see Operation KidSafe in your area, be sure to let the sponsors know what you think of their business practices by turning your car around and shopping some place else. As long as parents allow our children to be exploited these types of practices will continue.

Children are precious and should be protected for all the right reasons, not because it’s good marketing strategy or good for the wallet.

Owner of DIGIKIDS® Responds

Hello Annette,

I happened across your response to the recent Kid Safe email looking for sponsors. As the owner of DIGIKIDS®, I am sent these types of ads all the time and it is very frustrating, especially since they don’t even quote the correct number of missing children that are reported each day.

We offer the very best child safety ID – without all the hype – and I thought you might want to take a look at our website.


Michael J. Childs, President

Dear Michael,

Thank you for writing, I’m certain our readers will appreciate the fact that DIGIKIDS® provides step-by-step Make Your Own ID instructions.

It’s wonderful to know that some businesses actually care about children. I look forward to hearing more about your company.

Updated January 2, 2006